Campaign finance money has a liberal bias!

Campaign Spending Bias

Ultra-liberal radical communist Lawrence O’Donnell has been trying to spin the total and utter defeat of all liberal thought and beliefs in Wisconsin using the above statistics. He claims that the only reason Scott Walker won is because he spent almost 10 times the amount of money on his campaign and received almost three times as much from outside groups.

This claim is designed to confuse you and hide an important and critical fact.

According to CBS News, the estimated total turnout of this election has been 2.8 million people.  If Scott Walker received 54% of those votes, as projected, then he received 1,512,000 votes. Since the above statistics estimate the total spending in support of Scott Walker’s campaign to be about $45 million, that means each vote cost:

$45,000,000 / 1,512,000 votes   = $29.76 per vote

On the other hand, if the Democrat candidate Tom Barrett received 45% of the votes, then that totals 1,260,000 votes for the democrat.  Since the above statistics estimate the total spending in support of the Barrett campaign at $9 million, that means each vote cost:

$9,000,000 / 1,260,000 votes = $7.14 per vote

This is a dramatic and disturbing conclusion.


In a free and equal society, a vote should cost the same regardless of what your political party is, right? That sounds fair. That seems logical. If our election system were fair, then every vote would cost the same amount, and since Scott Walker spent five times more money he should get five times as many votes!

If poor, downtrodden Republicans are being forced unfairly to pay more for the votes that they get, then it obviously must be the result of liberal bias!!!!!


Image Source: MSNBC, “The Last Word” by Chris O’Donnell