This breakfast has a liberal bias!

This breakfast is liberal.

This breakfast is liberal.

Dennis Prager warns about the social, psychological, and moral dangers of this breakfast. We agree with him, but we also think he does not go far enough with his condemnations….

This appeared as a column on some unknown website a couple of days ago: a person named Dennis Prager explains the true visionary conservative position on schools providing breakfasts for poor children. To sum up, in his own words:

1. “A nutritious breakfast can be had for less than a dollar….” and therefore “it is inconceivable that there are homes in Los Angeles that cannot afford breakfast for their child. ”

2. Giving poor children nutritious breakfasts at schools “both enables and encourages irresponsible, uninterested, and incompetent parenting.”

3. Giving poor children nutritious breakfasts at schools “weaken the parent-child bond.”

4. “The free breakfast profoundly weakens young people’s character.”

To sum up, again in his own words: “These are the ways in which the Left has damaged children and families through free school breakfasts.”


These are amazing arguments, but we here at have to ask this:

…WHY are you limiting this argument only to school-provided breakfasts?

Consider this:


Why are our socialist schools providing textbooks for free? A $20 textbook works out to less than 5 cents per day, so it’s inconceivable that anyone would not be able to afford it. If the school provides the textbook, then it just enables bad parents to not buy the books themselves. It also weakens the parent-child bond, because what is more bonding than a parent and child struggling together when they can’t afford textbooks for school?  Finally, giving textbooks to students weakens their character because it makes them assume that they will get free stuff from other people.

Therefore, allowing students to use textbooks without making them pay is destroying the character of our children.



Why do our socialist schools allow students to sit at desks for free? Why are they not paying a rental fee for the year?  Isn’t this sending the wrong message? Doesn’t this just encourage dependency?  Doesn’t this just enable bad parenting, by letting the parents get away with not paying for the child to rent the desk?

It’s a moral disaster, ladies and gentlemen.


…and so on. You get the idea.  You can use this argument to basically demonize anything that schools provide.

So why don’t you, Dennis Prager?  You know you want to.  Go explain to the world that it’s destroying the character of our children that we let them use school desks without paying rent!  Go one: show off your glorious tea-party self!

Food Stamp graphs have liberal bias!

Liberal Food Stamp Graph

Look at this tricksy liberal graph. It attempts to mislead the viewer by providing much more information than anyone could possibly need. But we know how to fix that.

The problem with this graph is that it shows changes in food stamps since January 2006. There is no need to go back that far. If you go back that far, it leaves too many openings for liberals to do their dirty work.  For example:

Un-American Liberals might point to that graph and say, “Look at how Obama has been able to decrease the rate of food stamp growth when you compare his inauguration to now!”

Crazy irrational Liberals might point to that graph and say, “Look at how food stamp growth now isn’t really that different from what it was during the Bush administration before the recession.”


Un-Skewed GraphHere we present to you the graph as it should appear. This graph correctly focuses in on the thing that matters: food stamp growth has been exploding out of control for the last several months!!!  Holy cow! Look at that trend line!!! (The red arrow that I drew, I mean!)

This graph correctly provides just enough information for you to focus on, process, and understand. It cannot be cluttered by liberal irrelevancies like “long term trends”.  Make sure that if you have a discussion about food stamps with your unsanitary liberal co-workers, you forward them this graph and then laugh as they cower in fear and wrongness.

Graph Data Source: SNAP, Zero Hedge

Graph Found Via:

Welfare statistics have liberal bias!

Families Receiving Welfare

Families Receiving Welfare

New Gingrich, the cuddly prophet of conservatism, has called Obama the “food stamp president” and the “welfare president.” Bill O’Reilly, who is never wrong, has said that under Obama we have become a “welfare nation.”  Dick Morris, on Fox News, said, “Obama Has Basically Put Everybody In The Country On Welfare.”

So how is it possible that this above graph shows the number of families receiving welfare assistance is dramatically lower than it was at any time in the 1990’s? Indeed, according to this graph, there are almost 2 million fewer families receiving welfare assistance now than there were in 1996.  According to this graph, the number of families receiving welfare looks like it is going down even though the number of families with children in poverty has been going up!


There is clearly a very sinister plot going on here. Since welfare recipients are notoriously liberal, they must be refusing to accept the free handouts that Obama is trying to give them just to make Fox News look bad.

But we know better! This statistic clearly is just the product of a massive conspiracy and  liberal bias!!!!

graph source:  Graph: Washington Post, Data: CBPP
found via: Washington Post