What does God want us to do about ISIS? TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT.

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If you are a Christian and a conservative, you might be going through an inner struggle right now. The situation with ISIS can be very confusing for a person of faith.

As a Christian pastor I am inspired by God, anything and everything I say and do is in line with God’s will: that’s what makes me Christian.  But as a Conservative, I know in my heart that everything Obama does is wrong. So what scriptural path should I follow?

After much prayer, I have discovered the perfect solution! It’s actually very simple, and I have found a way to make it simple for you, as well! I have created the following simple one-question quiz. All you have to do is click the correct answer, and God’s own words will reveal to you what opinion you SHOULD HAVE…. as an American Christian conservative!


Question: What did Obama do in response to the ISIS threat?

CLICK HERE   A. He sent in a series of massive drone attacks to wipe out the threat.

CLICK HERE   B. He takes a path of peace, offering to meet and negotiate with their leaders.

CLICK HERE   C. He works with the United Nations to apply strict sanctions so that they feel economic pain.


Please select an option above. God’s instructions about what you should think will appear here.





It is un-American to criticize the President during a time of war!

The Daily Edge: You can never ever blame the President, if the President is George Bush!

Can you believe how un-American liberals are?

If you are a Fox News viewer, you know that it is unpatriotic and positively un-American to criticize anything that our President, George W. Bush, has ever done to protect us from the terrorists he failed to protect us from on 9/11!

Dick Cheney pointed out on Meet The Press that any criticism of President Bush’s foreign policy literally encourages and aids terrorists (in 2006).  A number of Republican Senators have also said that anyone criticizing the President’s foreign policy during a time of war “is harming national security and endangering US troops” (also in 2006).

So avoid all of the liberal propaganda! Avoid movies like Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911, which present the view that Bush could have prevented the attacks if he just spent more time focused on his security briefings and less time on vacation. How disloyal!

Do not listen to Donald Rumsfeld in the new documentary by Errol Morris, The Unknown Known! After all, Rumsfeld says he didn’t even read the “torture memos”!

And most important, do not listen to so-called “experts” who claim that ISIS is “George W. Bush and Dick Cheney’s gift to the world,” or that without the superbly well-planned Iraq War, “ISIS would have been an unlikely possibility.”

All of that criticism of President George Bush is just offensive, and un-American. Good conservatives have been telling us for almost a decade that we must never ever criticize anything our dear President George Bush has done in the long and difficult War on Terror!

Now, having said all of that… can you BELIEVE the mess this Obama guy has created??