Today’s letter is important, because it gives us insight into two things that many people don’t realize are connected: the war on Christianity, and the war on White People.

Dear Pastor Gregory,

Listening to Laura Ingraham’s God-inspired radio program last week I heard Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks put to words something I have felt the Lord telling me for so many years: everybody is racist against whites. He said,

“This is a part of the War on Whites that’s being launched by the Democratic Party. And the way in which they’re launching this war is by claiming that whites hate everybody else.”

Is the Devil behind War on Whites? What would Jesus do?

Bobby Jr.


The War on Whites is, unfortunately, a reality! And what is more: it is deeply tied to the War on Christianity, which is also a reality!

How do I know? Well, for one thing, Barack Hussein Obama’s socialist policies STEAL MONEY FROM RICH WHITE MEN. That’s not that relevant but it’s important to point out.

What else? Carl Sagan’s evil attempt to debunk Creationist Biblical Truth, the show Cosmos, has recently been rebooted. Even though it is an demonic show, they could have at least gotten a nice white man to replace Carl Sagan. But did they do it? No, the head of the anti-Christian crusade is now a black man.

In other words, they specifically chose a non-white person to lead their anti-Christian crusade, even though I’m sure there would have been plenty of qualified white people who could have gotten that job…..HOW MUCH MORE EVIDENCE COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED?

War on Christians. War on White people. TWO WARS AT ONCE! Thanks, Obama!

Frankly, “race” isn’t even a real thing. The word “African American” doesn’t appear in the Bible.  When you read the Bible, do you imagine the characters being different races? Of course not. The characters in the Bible are your ancestors. And you are white. So that means they must have been white. Ever think about that, scientists???

The earth is not divided by race, but is united by our 6,000-year-old human-race parents: Adam and Eve (not Adam and “Jamal”).

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Gregory


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