Ep 23: How come nobody is talking about Electronic Voting Machines?

For the last decade, everyone has bitched and complained about the fact that electronic voting machines are insecure, can be hacked, and cannot be verified. But they only complain AFTER the elections are over. Why is that?

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Video direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imdn2gnzxts

Ep 22: 5 reasons conservatives believe in voter fraud

Conservatives say that liberals only win elections due to voter fraud. Liberals claim there is no such thing. In case you are skeptical, Zach explains five CONCRETE REASONS why conservatives KNOW that election fraud is going on ALL THE TIME!!!

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Video direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goJE1be45XI

Scott Walker protects Wisconsin from the biggest threat: Voters

Scott Walker knows that the best way to prevent ALL voter fraud is just to prevent voting

Poor Scott Walker. He gets such a bum rap. People keep acting like he’s a criminal and making listicles about the horrible things he’s done to workers, women, and low-income families. It’s not his fault Wisconsin’s in a ditch. Don’t blame him for being the guy with the shovel!

Sure, it might look bad that Wisconsin’s dead last in Midwest job creation, but that’s just because things take longer in Wisconsin than in other states. You just wait and see. If Mary Burke wins in November and her jobs plan succeeds,  it’ll only be because of the digging Scott Walker did to lay the foundation.

Besides, we can look past that because Scott Walker has definitely achieved one thing: He has rid Wisconsin from the scourge of voter fraud!!

He’s drained the swamp. OK, he only found one guy in the swamp, and that guy was a Republican…. but still, that counts, right? Besides, an outright epidemic of voter fraud could have broken out at any time in Wisconsin… so Scott Walker has taken pre-emptive steps.


Think of all the problems the Democrats are inviting in other states by expanding access to voting, making it easier to vote by mail, or vote early or on Sunday…. Horrible!

The population in Wisconsin is far too… you know… polite, civil and inclusive… to want all of that extra voting going on. But luckily, Scott Walker and Republican-appointed judges are on it, and ready to prevent voting before it ever happens!

Oops, I mean “prevent voter fraud before it happens”.

Bravo, Scott Walker! Bravo!