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Articles posted in: Valentine’s Day

Eight reasons Valentines Day is bad for you and good for Obama
, 10 Feb 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Conservatives protest against Valentines Day

Pardon my language, but darn Valentine’s Day. Darn it to h*ck. The last time I went on a Valentine’s Day date was three years ago. A woman urged me to go see a screening of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in 3D. While it was nice to see such a earnest documentary about a God-loving,


Tea Party Valentines: this love is totally right
, 14 Feb 2013 by TeaPartyCat

The Binder: A love story

  We turned to Twitter to help us come up with Valentine’s Day messages that reach to the heart of the Tea Party message, and are guaranteed to be free from liberal bias. Using the hashtag #TeaPartyValentines we were able to collect a great list Valentine’s Day slogans that you can use when targeting your


Valentine’s Day makes full economic recovery. GOP has no explanation.
, 13 Feb 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Liberal Valentine's Day

Statistics show that Valentine’s Day has made a full economic recovery from the Obama recession. Republicans have no explanation for this bizarre phenomenon. It is well-known among conservatives that the economy is bad. There is no recovery, and the reason is that there is a communistical Kenyan liberal socialist in the White House. This is


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