Michael Savage identifies three reasons to impeach Obama, and we have data to back it up!

Michael Savage is a guy with a radio show. He’s a true-blue conservative. He spent a full three hours on his show yesterday on the question: “Should Obama be impeached?” He came out with a very strong answer of yes, and he gave several very specific reasons why Obama should be impeached.

I was impressed. However, I felt sorry for Mister Savage because, being on a radio show, he couldn’t show data to back up and prove the points he was making.

So I have decided to do it for him here. I’m going to go through his list of things that Obama has done, according to Michael Savage, that are so terrible… so disastrous… so downright evil… that they merit bringing articles of impeachment against him.

Here we go.

“We have an out of control president who has plotted to break our borders down… If China took over this country, it could not do more harm to this country than [Obama] has done already. I stand by those words. They couldn’t have done it as fast as he’s done it. And that’s because of white guilt… So now he’s busted our borders wide open… without borders, there is no nation.”

This is true: illegal immigration is worse than ever before, and has gotten dramatically worse under Obama. Before Obama came around, illegal immigration was a minor problem, but Obama has just given up on enforcing the borders, and is letting people just come in willy-nilly. You can tell from these graphs:


Deportations by Fiscal yearObviously you can see the dramatic change in immigration policy when Obama became president.

“The rockets are flying into Israel. Thank God the iron dome system that was given to Israel by the U.S., before we had a communist revolution, the iron dome system shot down all of the rockets fired by the Islamists, and Israel has countered with airstrikes against the Gaza strip, killing some of the vermin… The world is in pieces now. The most incompetent, duplicitous administration this country has ever seen, and I pray to God we can survive him, has wrecked the entire world.”

This is also true: There was never any conflict in the middle east before Obama was president. Certainly, the number of attacks on Israel has skyrocketed  since Obama took office, because Palestinians are emboldened by the fact that he’s a secret Muslim. Here is the data that proves it:

Terrorism against Israel has skyrocketed since Obama took office.

As you can see, from 2009 t0 2012, there has been an EXPLOSION of attacks on Israel that were clearly caused by Obama’s foreign policy.

“I predicted he would break the borders. And I’ll make another prediction, he’s going to go for your guns next. I make the prediction that he will go for the second amendment next. He’s gonna go for broke. He’s going to go to the wall on every last agenda item in the Communist manifesto. The Communist Party USA has disappeared, has gone underground and has come back up inside the Obama administration…. this is their agenda. Disarm the citizenry and then you can manipulate them any way you want.”

This is something that every gun owner in the United States knows to be true. But can we prove it with data? Well, of course we can’t prove a prediction until it happens.

But as one final dire warning, I can leave you with this very dramatic, very striking graph that should send chills down your spine:

Obama wants to come after your guns and here is proof

Total Jobs has a liberal bias!

Attention all conservatives! The following is an important announcement concerning your Tweets, Facebook Status Updates, and blog comments.

DO NOT EVER talk about the “number of jobs” or in America. We have recently discovered that the total number of employees in the United States today is larger than ever before, even larger than it was right before the George Bush Obama Recession of 2008.

Total Jobs

So if you claim that “jobs have never fully recovered under Obama”… regrettably, the facts apparently do not agree.

And if you claim that “there are fewer people working under Obama”… as sad as it is, this turns out not to be a true statement.

Instead, please make sure you talk about things like “size of the labor force” and “underemployment”. These are awesome words because nobody knows exactly what they mean, and you get get into nit-picky arguments about how they are measured.

When you talk about these things, you can IMPLY that there are fewer jobs than ever under Obama, by saying “The labor force as a percentage of population never recovered under Obama!”  Most people will just assume that this means not as many people are working, and you won’t technically be lying! IT’S A WIN-WIN!

So go forth, my pretties! Leave your comments, post your tweets, and complain that the economy is just the worst thing ever under Obama!

Just make sure you never ever mention the fact that there are more actual employed people now than ever before. That might lead to people’s thoughts having some kind of liberal bias!!!!


Republicans finally admit economy is improving; say racism is to blame

Over the past week, several notable Republicans have finally admitted that the economy is improving.

“We’ve been denying it for five years now, and it’s been pretty exhausting,” admitted one chief aid to a prominent orange-hued Republican on the condition of anonymity. “But between unemployment being the best it has been since Bush, the stock market reaching record highs, and the deficit being the best it’s been since Bush… it’s gotten to the point where it’s just difficult to deny.”

Of course, since the media storyline for years has been that we are in a terrible, floundering recovery, there have been a lot of facts that the media was simply unable to talk about. One low-level script writer on the Fox News journalism team even confessed, “The list of things we weren’t allowed to talk about was getting so long, it was getting to be a challenge just to fill up the prime-time slots with anything even remotely political.”


Despite admitting that every single sign shows that the economy is improving, key Republicans were able to find a way to spin it to their benefit…

…they have decided to blame racism!


“It’s basically a form of affirmative action. It has to be. How else can you explain a recovery under a black president being better than a recovery under a white president?”


Jobs are improving faster under Obama because of RACISM.

“The insight really hit me when I saw this graph from the Department of Labor,” said an anonymous Congressman who looks suspiciously like Eddie Munster. “It shows that private-sector job gains after the 2009 recession have been faster than the private sector job gains after the 2002 recession. Now I thought to myself, how could that be? In 2002 the President was George Bush, and in 2009 the President was Barack Obama. See what I mean? I think you know what I’m getting at.

Back in October 2013, Rush Limbaugh observed that people are scared to oppose Obama because Obama is black. The reasoning is simple: if you in any way try to hinder Obama’s success, then you will be called “racist”, which of course is just mean. Oh and by the way it’s also racist because calling something “racist” is inherently racist, and not wanting to do things that seem racist IS ALSO RACIST.

Looking at the above graph, some people say it’s obvious that the private sector is ONLY HIRING NEW PEOPLE out of fear of doing something to make Obama look bad, and therefore being called “racist”, which of course is also racist.

I mean, why else would the recovery under the black guy be going better than the recovery under the white guy did?

There really can’t be any other explanation, right?

5 graphs that Teaparty conservatives will LOVE, proving Obama has destroyed everything!

Income gap soars under Obama

We present to you 5 graphs that conclusively prove, visually and beyond a doubt, that Obama has pretty much destroyed everything and failed America. How can graphs lie?

The inspiration for this list has been passed around by conservatives and Tea Party Republicans for the last several days. It shows that income inequality was flat under Bush, but grew under Obama and Clinton. It is graph number 1.

1. Income gap soars under Obama!

Income gap soars under Obama
NOTE: This graph was NOT created by us as a parody. This graph was actually created by conservatives to “prove” that the income gap has soared under Obama.

Now, before we get to our list, you need to look really hard at this graph. Take it in. Appreciate the fullness of its beauty and meaning.  Now that you have done that, you will also be able to appreciate the following graphs… all of which absolutely prove that Obama is a failed President in every possible way.

2. Stock markets stagnate under liberals!

The stock market just SOARED during Bush’s terms in office. By contrast, once you account for the after-effects of H.W. Bush that were impacting the beginning of Clinton’s term and the natural “rebound” from recession after W. Bush’s term, the increases in the stock market during Clinton and Obama were just pathetic!  Look at these trend lines:

Stock Market under Obama failed president

3. Obama has completely exploded unemployment!

We actually published a version of this graph before, but clearly in that version we simply had not drawn the correct trend lines. Here, we have added good, conservative trend lines to counteract any liberal bias!

You should also note that we have re-classified a teeny tiny portion of 2008 as blue instead of red, putting it under “Obama”. This is because Once Obama took office, he obviously retroactively became responsible for the entire unemployment rate. Plus, Sean Hannity has postulated that the unemployment rate skyrocketed pre-emptively because employers were scared that Obama might become president. Which seems completely plausible.

Unemployment under liberals

4. Obama has completely exploded the deficit!

This is one of the MOST well-known facts about Obama: he has exploded the deficit completely! This graph proves it. As you can see, Carter and Reagan/Bush kept the deficit pretty much flat during their terms. Clinton and W. Bush both decreased the deficit slightly. But WHOAH OMG can you see that trend line we drew for Obama!!??  It just goes up and up!

Now, some of you might think we took some liberties with that trend line. For one thing, we sort of started it in 2007, but everyone knows that this is because of the pre-emptive problems caused by Obama. Some say it might even have been the influence of his time machine (the same one he used to go back in time to plant fake birth certificates in Hawaii). But either way, what matters is that trend line that we drew: LOOK AT IT! Disgusting, huh?

Deficits under liberals what a failure Obama sucks

5. Attacks on diplomatic targets reach unprecedented heights under Obama!

Of course, we can’t forget about Benghazi! This graph shows that the number of attacks on diplomatic targets has just completely gotten out of control under Obama. Obviously something is very wrong. Obama is projecting an image of weakness which explains why that attacks have INCREASED SO MUCH during his presidency. Just look at these trendlines!

In fact, you better only look at the trend lines with this one. The graph isn’t much help, because it doesn’t truly illustrate the conservative philosophy of the real importance of Benghazi. We have added our own annotation to the graph for this… but really, just look at the trendline arrow. Isn’t it awful???

Benghazi disaster emphasizes US diplomatic attacks and Obama failure

So, clearly you can see what we mean. All it takes is a few well-drawn trend-lines, and the conservative message becomes crystal clear!

Unemployment numbers before and after unskewing: a lesson in biased chart-making

Since unemployment is at its lowest point since President Obama took office, good conservatives need to turn to a different statistic in order to convince people that the entire economy is imploding and on the brink of disaster and P.S. it’s all because of Obama.

One of the most popular statistics to use is the number of people not in the work force. This is the common theme on talk radio and social media alike:  the official unemployment numbers are fake and stupid and should be ignored, because they do not consider the number of people who are not part of the workforce.

To drive this point home, the following graph has been making its way around the #TCOT Twitterverse:

Number of people not in the labor force

HOLY CRAP! Look at that HUGE NUMBER OF PEOPLE who are not part of the work force! That’s some scary shit! Obviously the economy is on the brink of collapse, and liberals are making everyone lazy and destitute, and it’s all because of Obama, and so on.

On LiberalBias.com we have a term for graphs like this: unskewed.  That is to say, any information or data or facts that might possibly give people a non-conservative opinion of the world have been delicately… removed from the graph.

As a game,this weekend we asked our Twitter followers to identify some of the liberally biased facts that have been removed from this graph. Our very intelligent followers were definitely up to the task!



That’s right! Conservatives know that when you want to make a graph look really scary, you have to emphasize the differences that you want emphasized. The above graph makes it look like the number has increased ninefold, because it only shows the increase over a very narrow range.




By showing the raw number of people who are not in the labor force, this graph leaves out all kinds of relevant (but liberally biased) data, such as the population growth rate, and the various factor that might be contributing to changes in the population that might be leading to a lack of participation that have nothing to do with how well the economy is doing, like the age composition in the population.




Finally, the graph seems to accelerate as time goes on, which conservatives just know is because Obama is destroying the universe with his evil liberal policies. However, the graph certainly was increasing even during the Bush and Reagan years.

So, just for curiosity, what would this graph look like, if all of that messy, liberal data were included?

Warning: this graph contains actual relevant facts to interpreting results, which are known to have liberal bias.
Warning: this graph contains actual relevant facts to interpreting results, which are known to have liberal bias.

Here is a graph of the percentage of the population not in the labor force, for the same time range as the original graph. The y-axis is a percentage, and gives a more “liberal” perspective on the magnitude of the changes by showing the numbers all the way down to zero.

Obviously, this graph does not convey the proper message the conservatives want to get across.  Must be all that liberal bias….

The government shutdown IS a jobs plan, and this graph is proof!

If you have been cheating on LiberalBias this week with lesser news outlets, you will have noticed that nobody in the liberal media has been reporting on the important issues.

For example, every news outlet has completely ignored the fact that the healthcare.gov website has experienced glitches! Not only that, but there has not been a single report about how Barack Hussein Obama lied about people being able to keep their insurance plans.

He is forcing me to get a new insurance plan that covers emergency services and mental health. Why? Do I seem like I have mental problems? G-Men are following me! They’re afraid I can tear down their institutions through my fearless reporting!

People shouldn’t have “emergency services”, anyway. When I was 11 and I had a gnarly injury during a Little League game, an ambulance had to come and take me to the hospital. My insurance did not cover ambulance rides, and my parents were billed $2000. Under Obamacare, ambulance services would have to be covered… which really just makes it less special.

How dare the government make ambulances affordable for a blue-collar family like mine! I loved being in that ambulance because I knew it was expensive. Now anybody can ride in one. What’s next? Kids can smoke vodka and take doobies? Welcome to Obama’s America, people.

With the liberal machine exerting its iron-gripped control over the media, I can guarantee you that it will not ignore is October’s job numbers.

Last Friday, the White House released the October jobs report, revealing that the U.S. Economy added 204,000 jobs during the month. How can that be? Didn’t the Obama administration and economists warn that the “government shutdown” would hurt hirings and cause private enterprise billions, even though the only things that got shut down were veterans memorials and the socialist redistribution of wealth to kids with cancer?

Yet somehow, that resulted in 850,000 government employees being furloughed, which begs the question: Why do all these people work for the government instead of in real jobs that we’re allowing low-skilled illegal immigrants to work for under minimum wage? These are good jobs that hardworking Americans would be lucky to have!

I think the government shutdown was a wonderful thing. I think the government should always be shut down, as do all real conservatives. But in this case, the Democrat Party was also not trying to re-open the government, because they refused to go along with the Republican Party’s demands to defund Obamacare.

So why would a liberal communist atheist Muslim like Obama agree with me?

The answer, my friends, is in the October jobs report.

Remember these basic axioms of Conservative Truth:

1) Reducing the government will lead to job growth

2) Therefore, shutting down the government should lead to extra-super-job-growth-times-infinity

3) Obama secretly knows this, but will never admit it.


4) Obama allowed the government to shut down temporarily as part of his secret plan to boost jobs and make it seem as though all of his other ridiculous policies, like Obamacare, are not a complete and utter failure.

Do you still need proof that the government shutdown was all part of a deliberate plot by Obama to boost the economy based on conservative principles?  Just look at this  graph:

The government shutdown created jobs and this is proof!!

Now, just imagine what wonderful things would happen if he just went along with all of the other conservative principles, like creating a regressive tax code, defunding Medicare and Social Security, and banning gay marriage at the federal level!

It would be a true New Utopia, making China look like a banana republic and the United States look like…. well, Banana Republic!


Unemployment is at 52.4% (according to FU)

The Complete Unemployment Chart

The Complete Unemployment Chart

We have devised the most accurate measure of unemployment yet: the Fox Unemployment (FU) statistic. When calculated correctly, this statistic shows that unemployment is a staggering 52.4%!

It is important to remember that there many different ways to calculate unemployment. If unemployment seems to be decreasing while there is a black liberal guy in the White House, then obviously people are measuring unemployment the wrong way. In fact, we used the logical thought-processes of the great Mark Levin to prove that unemployment was 50% more than 6 months ago.

But with a new jobs report being released, it is important to re-visit this issue in an even more precise and logical way. We have chosen as our starting point a column from the fair-and-balanced FoxNews.com, entitled, “February’s jobs report only looks good because our expectations are so low“. That is obviously a great headline, but it buries a much more important point that is also made in the article.

According to this article, the unemployment statistic is meaningless specifically because it ignores 1) the people who have given up looking for work, 2) the people who are lazy and don’t want to work at all, and 3) the people who are working part time.  All of these things are obviously much, much more important than anything else, even though conservatives never talked about them before there was a black liberal guy in the white house.

Following this logic, we have decided to improve upon the existing set of unemployment measurement standards by adding a new measurement. Because it is inspired by the logic that is used over at Fox News, we are calling it the Fox Unemployment (FU) statistic.

According to the FU statistic, which includes people who have given up looking for work, lazy people who don’t want a job, and people who are only working part time, unemployment under President Obama is actually 52.4%!!!!

52.4%!!!!  Isn’t that INSANE???  Have you ever heard of such a thing before????


Please remember to distribute the above chart to all of your friends and family members.

And if anyone ever tries to tell you that unemployment is less than 52.4%, then all you need to say to them is:  “Oh yeah? What about FU!”


Graph Data Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report
Graph Found Via: Quartz

Related Articles: Mark Levin proves that unemployment is really 50%

Data show no effect of minimum wage on job loss. Must be liberal bias!

Changes in minimum wage have no impact on job loss... OR SO THEY CLAIM

Changes in minimum wage have no impact on job loss... OR SO THEY CLAIM

This graph supposedly shows that increasing minimum wage doesn’t, on average, lead to people losing their jobs. Luckily, most good conservatives don’t trust fancy voodoo statistics like these.

Of course economists have been studying the relationship between minimum wage and employment for a very long time. Recently, economist John Schmitt pulled together a “meta-analysis” where he collected data from a huge number of different studies, and was very careful to use only the best data and make the most careful comparisons, in order to measure the actual impact of minimum wage increases specifically on young employees across the country.

Although some studies shows a small positive influence on employment and some studies showed a small negative influence, the overall result was a very dramatic NO EFFECT.  Specifically, it appears that increases in minimum wage do not actually have a measurable impact on the level of employment.

In other words, when minimum wage increases, this study suggests that, on average, people do not get fired: they simply get paid more.


This result is in obvious contradiction to conservative values, which state very clearly that increasing minimum wage destroys all business and leads to socialism.

In fact, John Boehner himself recently said, “When you raise the price of employment, guess what happens? You get less of it!”

And who needs to consult loads and loads of actual measurable data, when you can just listen to John Boehner instead?

Clearly, studies and graphs like this are just sources of liberal bias!!!


Graph Data Source: John Schmitt, 2013
Graph Found Via: Huffington Post

NOTE:  This graph was featured on the Rachel Maddow show in November 2013,  nine months after we published it here. We would like to thank Rachel Maddow for finally catching up to the excellent reporting here at Liberal Bias.

Liberally biased recession punishes conservatives!

unemployment and education

unemployment and education

This disturbing graph shows that the recession has had a very partisan and unfair liberal bias. Specifically: the more indoctrinated you are by liberal education, the less likely you are to be unemployed.

It’s important to remember the conservative values that the Republican party has championed for the last several years. Universities are nothing more than liberal indoctrination camps. Real conservatives all home-school their children. Anyone who says that children should all have a chance to go to college is being an elitist liberal snob. These are all basic and unquestionable facts.

That is why it is so upsetting to see graphs like the one above. According to the graph above, the more education a person has—and remember that means the more they have been indoctrinated by the Liberal Machine—the less likely a person is to be unemployed!

Even worse: during recessions, layoffs are disproportionately focused on people who have rejected liberal elitist so-called “education”.

Is it possible that people without “educations” have fewer skills and therefore are less valuable in the free market workplace? NO!

That is what liberals want you to believe.

But that would imply that higher education is somehow… good. That clearly contradicts what our Republican leaders have been telling us.

There is only one explanation. The evil liberals who control our government have found a way to manipulate the free market so that they are disproportionately PUNISHING conservatives who refuse to participate in the liberal “education” scam by getting them fired.

Anyone who tells you anything else is clearly just fooled by liberal bias!!!


graph source: Calculated Risk Blog

Obama’s God-like control over jobs

The REAL Obama Jobs Plan

This is the third installment of the new monthly column, The Illuminated Truth.

If there is one thing that conservatives know for a fact, it is that Obama has completely unprecedented and almost unimaginable power. He can control gas prices with the wave of a hand, he can control the number of private-sector jobs that get created a month before an election, and he can even control the weather.

So given all of that, this graph opens up a number of important and very suspicious questions.

The REAL Obama Jobs PlanIf you look at the recent trend-line of job creation, and extrapolate forward, jobs will reach the point of “full recovery” exactly in time for the 2016 election season!

Doesn’t that seem a little bit convenient to be a coincidence?

Now, let’s examine the evidence a little bit further.  Job fluctuations have been erratic during almost this entire recovery. Doesn’t it seem like this is unusual? When you think back to previous recoveries, doesn’t it seem like they have generally shown a gradual and continuous improvement as things got better?  Sure it does.

So why is this recovery different?  Many good, rational conservative pundits have put forth a number of theories. Some have suggested that Obama wants to completely destroy the economy, others have suggested that he’s trying to artificially make jobs improve faster just to make himself look good.  But there is another option that is much darker and more sinister than that.

That third option is this: Obama is, behind the curtain, personally manipulating the rate of the job recovery so that it is not too fast, and no too slow…. but will perfectly coincide with the next election!

He is basically setting up the economic environment to try to ensure a Democrat victory in the next Presidential election.

Does Obama really have the power to exercise such exact control over jobs in the private sector that he can time the economy to reach complete recovery to within months of the next Presidential election?

Well, look at the above graph. Isn’t that exactly what seems to be happening?

Trust us.  After all, you can’t doubt your own eyes.


graph data source: Federal Reserve Economic Data
graph found via: economicpopulist.org

Liberal facts conspire to embarass the Heritage Foundation

Heritage Foundation vs Liberal Data

When liberal facts and numbers dare to embarrass good, conservative institutions like the Heritage Foundation, it’s just downright unseemly.

The above graphs provide a good example of this kind of scummy behavior that liberal facts like to engage in.

On the left you see two graphs that were published by the Heritage Foundation in 2001 as predictions of the miraculous panacea the Bush Tax Cuts would be over the following ten years, from 2001 to 2011. The top graph shows the prediction that the Bush Tax Cuts would produce a veritable explosion of tax revenues from 2001 to 2011. The bottom graph shows the prediction that the Bush Tax Cuts would cause a virtual orgasm of jobs during that same period. Together, these graph proved that the Bush Tax Cuts would be better than sex and solve all of our economic woes.

On the right, you have graphs that show what actually happened in the years 2001-2011. Revenue plummeted, unemployment skyrocketed. In other words: everything turned out pretty much the opposite of what the Heritage Foundation predicted.

How embarrassing.

Obviously, there is something seriously wrong here. The Heritage Foundation are good people. They are doing the best they can. It’s just not fair for facts and actual data to make them look so very, very pathetically inept. It’s just not nice for real statistics to somehow give the impression that the Heritage Foundation is made up of a bunch of yahoos that have absolutely no clue what they are talking about and couldn’t predict themselves out of a paper bag.

So obviously, as usual, it must be the facts that are wrong. The reality of the situation is, the Bush Tax Cuts would have done exactly what the Heritage Foundation predicted, if it were not for the unexpected circumstances that arose, including a black president, and of course lots and lots of liberal bias!!!!

graph data source: The Heritage Foundation 2001, Associated Press, and US Bureau of Labor Statistics
graph found via: “How Awesome The Bush Tax Cuts Were Supposed To Be“, The Atlantic Wire.

Robert Murray recognized as America’s MPP!

Robert Murray wins the Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty Award!

We at LiberalBias.Com are proud to announce the first ever recipient of the brand new and prestigious Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty Award: Robert Murray!

We have noticed that most awards in America today suffer horribly from Liberal Bias: the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Oscar Awards, the Darwin Awards… and so many more.  All of these slant horribly and disgustingly toward a liberal agenda.

So, in order to unskew this bias, we have decided to start our own award:

The Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty Award

…brought to you by LiberalBias.com.

This award will be granted, periodically, to someone who displays a truly outstanding manifestation of patriotism and conservative values. The recipient of the award will be presented with the above beautiful, elegant and artistic trophy in digital form.

The honor of being the first recipient of this award goes to: Robert Murray.

Robert Murray is the  head of Ohio coal company Murray Energy. Murray has shared his prayers to let everyone know how doomed we would be if we re-elected Obama. Murray has forced his employees to donate to Romney’s campaign. Murray forced his employees to attend a Romney rally. And now, just days after Obama is reelected, in a fit of righteous rage and religious inspiration, he has fired 156 coal employees in order to show his displeasure with the election result.

What a gigantic, enormous… patriot!

We tip our tri-corn hat to you, Murray.

Congratulations on being America’s very first ever recognized Most Patriotic Patriot who loves Freedom and Liberty!

Obama causes lightning, cats and suicide

Stuff Obama Did.

Obama’s nefarious influence could be much more far-reaching than previously thought. In addition to everything else, he could be responsible for increases in suicide, lightning deaths, and much much more.

For years, conservative champions have taught us how to use logic and reason to evaluate the numbers and statistics associated with the Obama administration.

Sean Hannity has taught us that Obama has caused unemployment to go up. How does he know? In January of 2008, unemployment was 4.9% and in January of this year unemployment was 8.3%. Since it went up during Obama’s presidency, it was obviously caused by Obama.

Every conservative commentator on television has repeatedly told us that Obama has caused the deficit to increase. How do they know? In 2008 the federal deficit was $459 billion and in 2012 the federal deficit is $1,089 billion. Since the deficit went up during Obama’s presidency, it was obviously caused by Obama.

Recently, a television campaign ad aired explaining that Obamacare has caused health care costs to explode. This is true: average HMO costs were $8,213 in 2008 and are $11,151 now. Since it went up during Obama’s presidency, it was obviously because of Obamacare.

Mark Levin observed on his radio show that Obama has been terrible for students, pointing out that tuition costs have gone through the roof. He is correct: in 2008 average tuition was $24,780.75, and in 2012 the average tuition is $28,500.00. Since it went up during Obama’s presidency, it’s clear that this was also because of Obama.

All of these great conservative thinkers have been teaching us how to understand the Obama presidency. But it is time to take this line of thinking to the next level.

President Obama is such a terrible president that he is making people commit suicide. How do we know? In 2008, the total number of suicide deaths was 36,035. In 2012, they are expecting the number of suicide deaths to top 40,000. Since this increase happened during Obama’s presidency, obviously these deaths were caused by Obama.

President Obama has caused the number of pet cats in the country to increase. How do we know? In 2008, the estimated number of pet cats was 84 million, and in 2012 this increased to an estimated 86.4 million. Since this increase happened during Obama’s presidency, it’s clear that this was caused by Obama.

Even more frightening, in 2008 there were 28 people who died because they were struck by lightning. So far in 2012, exactly 28 people were struck by lightning and the year isn’t over yet.  If even one more person dies as a result of being struck by lightning this year, that is yet another death that lies on the shoulders of the evil and sinister President Obama.

Finally–and you should be warned that this is by far the most disturbing result that we have yet to report–in 2008 there were only 2 movies released in 3D, while by the end of 2012 there will have been 40 movies released in 3D.

That’s right! Obama is single-handedly responsible for a 1900% increase in the number of 3D movies released per year.

I ask you: is that really the America that YOU want to live in?

I didn’t think so.


graph produced by: LiberalBias.com
graph data sources: American Foundation for Suicide Prevention,  Aon Hewitt health care cost analysis, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Weather Service, USA Today, usgovernmentspending.com, and other various sources. Values plotted on a logarithmic scale. NOTE: cat-related data is estimated and may suffer from a lack of precision.

You should believe it’s a non-recovery because I say so.

Bush vs Obama Recoveries

Everybody knows that Obama is a failure, specifically because there is no economic recovery going on. We hear this on Fox News, we hear this from Rush Limbaugh, we hear this from Sean Hannity, so obviously it must be true. Sean Hannity has also patiently explained that this specific recovery is doing much worse than ANY OTHER recovery in the known history of the universe.

So what is going on with the above graph?

This graph seems to show that if you look specifically at private sector jobs (which all good conservatives know are the only jobs that matter), the Obama recovery is larger, faster, and stronger than  the recovery after the George W. Bush recession!

These numbers contradict the fact that Obama sucks more than anyone else, and therefore must logically be incorrect.  The other possibility is that Bush was not a real conservative.

Either way, these statistics clearly must be ignored on account of their clear liberal bias!!!


Graph Found Via: The Atlantic