The Petraeus-Benghazi Scandal: the complete picture

The Petraeus-Benghazi Scandal - UPDATED

The Petraeus-Benghazi Scandal - UPDATED

Pieced together from rumors, innuendos, anonymous tips, television pundit speculation, and other reliable sources, this is THE MOST COMPLETE picture to-date of the ever-widening scandal and conspiracy that is so broad and deep that it’s sure to bring the entire Obama administration to its knees. Did you even suspect how far it would reach?

This is CLEAR EVIDENCE that the vast Democrat Machine Conspiracy Cult has become so deeply entrenched and embedded and entwined in our social and political affairs that it is almost impossible to escape. LOOK IN HORROR at the sinister forces that collude and collaborate and work together to prevent Americans from being free.

(Please bear in mind that some of the connections in the above diagram are based on unconfirmed rumors, and therefore should be read as “allegedly” or “some people say”.)

Check back regularly as this diagram will be updated as further details of this horrid, salacious, disgusting plot against America by the Obama administration are revealed.

Data Source: Fox News and various websites on the internet
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UPDATED 11/15/2012 2:35 PM CST:  Added Susan Rice, John McCain, Mitt Romney, Hot Twin Sister, and Vampires.