College Republicans Survey: What next for the GOP?

Reinventing the GOP

Reinventing the GOP

A report by the College Republican National Committee released Monday found that most young Republicans are Democrats. Yet all is not lost! The report also gives tips on what the GOP can do to change!

You can read the entire report for yourself (PDF), but we should warn you: it is filled with corporate double-speak and fluffery. So, to help you out, we have translated key passages from the original document into normal, straight-forward and honest English, below.

Alternatively, you can simply watch our video prediction about the Future of the Republican Party, since it pretty much mirrors the results of this survey.



Paraphrased from page 3:  Conventional wisdom incorrectly holds that young people naturally favor Democrats. While it is true that the Democratic Party is on a recent winning streak with the youth vote, Ronald Reagan held the record for winning the highest proportion of young voters at 59% in 1984.  And there is nothing at all awkward about having to go back 30 years to find the last time we were popular with people under 30.


Paraphrased from page 11:  Only about one-third of young Republicans watch Fox News. Which is a big part of why we are so massively screwed.


Paraphrased from page 17:  Would investing more in Facebook/Twitter advertising and in building a stronger Facebook/Twitter fan-base be useful to Republican candidates? Certainly… So what makes a shareable Facebook post or Tweet? There is still significant research to be done, but one study showed that in the 2012 election, the posts that got the most attention and engagement on Facebook coming out of the Obama campaign were posts about the Obamas’ family life. So obviously more racist memes about Michelle Obama and her children would be a big plus.


Paraphrased from page 21:  In an October 2012 survey conducted by The Winston Group, 24% of 18- to 34-year-old voters said they got most of their political news on a smartphone. This creates a problem for Republicans, since many prominent Republicans don’t know what a smart phone is.


Paraphrased from page 29: Much of the conversation around young voters and the GOP’s policy positions has focused on the “social issues” and, in particular, the issue of same-sex marriage. Young people simply diverge from the position held by many Republican leaders, and the best suggestion we can come up with is that you guys simply stop talking about that crap. Seriously. Just stop.


Paraphrased from page 31: An outright majority of young Republicans still think Republican policies are to blame for the Great Recession, which is so weird because we totally tried to skew the answers in our survey to get them to choose other things.


Paraphrased from page 36: Young people don’t actually care about “small government”.  This is why Sean Hannity hates young people.


Paraphrased from page 38: Overwhelmingly, respondents in the focus groups thought the problem was not just that too much money was being spent, but rather that it was being spent on the wrong things.  This is why Paul Ryan hates young people.


Paraphrased from page 39: Perhaps most troubling for Republicans is the finding from the March 2013 CRNC survey that showed 54% of young voters saying “taxes should go up on the wealthy.”  This is why John Boehner hates young people.


Paraphrased from page 65-67: Perhaps no topic has gotten more attention with regards to the youth vote than the issue of gay marriage. And on this issue, the conventional wisdom is right: young people are unlikely to view homosexuality as morally wrong, and they lean toward legal recognition of same-sex relationships.

Among those respondents who said that same-sex marriage should be legal (a full 44% of young voters), half said that they would probably or definitely not vote for a candidate with whom they disagreed on same-sex marriage, even if they were in agreement on taxes, defense, immigration, and spending.

In the short run, as we wait for the Supreme Court rulings on the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8, the best course of action for the party may be to bravely take every side of the marriage equality debate… or simply not talk about it at all.


Paraphrased from page 72: For the GOP, being thought of as closed-minded is hardly a good thing. But if the GOP is thought of as the “stupid party,” it may as well be the kiss of death.  STUPID! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! DO I NEED TO MENTION YOU BY NAME???


Paraphrased from page 74: Therein lies the opportunity for the GOP. Yes, the Democratic Party is currently winning on the attributes of being caring and open-minded. But the great news for Republicans is that while those items matter, they are not the only things that matter!  Intelligence, competence, hard work, and responsibility matter a lot too!

Of course, Republicans aren’t seen as competent, hard working, or intelligent… but the point is that they could be, if they changed. A lot.


Paraphrased from page 79: Focusing on opportunity trumped narratives around the constitution, liberty, and American values. So basically, all of the rhetoric that conservative Talk Radio has been promoting for the last 5 years has been completely destroying Republican chances with young people.


Paraphrased from pages 80-82: STOP ELECTING STUPID PEOPLE!


Paraphrased from page 84: The Republican Party’s struggles with young voters are well-documented and stem from a number of sources. The question now is what to do about it. We do not pretend to have a magic answer that will turn the tide completely. So our recommendation is basically this: get rid of old people, get rid of religious people, get rid of stupid people, and use Facebook.



[This ends our paraphrased summary of the CRNC Survey Results]