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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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The Liberal Bias Index

Liberal Bias Historical Trends

Liberal Bias Index: historical trends in the aggregate measure

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The Liberal Bias Index Remains Steady

Overall Liberal Bias has held steady overall for approximately two months, despite fluctuations in some of the individual measures.

As you might expect, certain spikes have appeared to coincide with certain events. For example, there is a big Gay Spike during the week that the Supreme Court was discussing Big Gay Spike Marriage.  However, the Gay indicator decreased back to normal levels shortly after that, and the overall index level has remained roughly flat

Liberal Bias Index components

Components that make up the Liberal Bias Index

(For an explanation of each of the components that make up the total score, see below.)
social justice: 81 (↑3.8%)
gay: 81 (↓21.4%)
racist: 33 (↓8.3%)
diversity: 77 (↑10.0%)
the rich: 79 (↓2.5%)

The Liberal Bias Index™ has been created as a way of scientifically tracking the amount of liberal bias in the world.

Everyone knows that there are dangerous amounts of liberal bias in the world, and it seems as though it is always increasing. In order to get a handle on this, and inspired partially by the Rapture Index, we here at LiberalBias.com have developed our very own system for numerically tracking changes in liberal bias over time.

The Liberal Bias Index™ is an aggregate measure (much like the DOW Jones or S&P) calculated as a total of the popularity of five different terms or phrases that can be tracked using Google Trends.

For the Liberal Bias Index™, we have selected phrases that good conservatives would never, ever search on. Therefore, an increase in search activity on these terms must reflect a direct corresponding increase in liberal thoughts being entertained by people in our culture. This, of course, is in turn a measure of how much danger we are in of being completely destroyed by socialism.

The terms that we have selected are as follows:

  • Social Justice: Conservatives would never search on this term. They would instead search on terms like “welfare”, “affirmative action”, or “reverse racism”
  • Gay: Conservatives use the term “homosexual” or “butt-thumper”
  • Racist: Good conservatives know that racism has been completely eradicated from our culture and therefore there is no need to search on this term.
  • Diversity: Only liberals care about this.
  • The Rich: Once again, conservatives would never search on this term. Instead, they would search on “job creators” or “future husband opportunities”.

Activity on each of these terms can be tracked separately, and when taken together they form the Liberal Bias Index.

In order to drive home the fact that Liberal Bias is a VERY, VERY, VERY DANGEROUS THING, we have also assigned “Hazard Levels” to different value ranges of the Liberal Bias Index:















The following are some quick notes about notable spikes or dips in the historical Liberal Bias Index™, as shown in the graphs above:

Christmas 2011 (dip): In a major victory over the liberal War On Christmas, popular protests finally get the White House to go back on their evil and anti-Christian Tax On Christmas. This causes at least a temporary dip in the amount of liberal bias in the world.

May 2012 (peak): Mitt Romney is declared the presumptive nominee for the Republican party. This shows a major failure of conservatism, and increase in the total liberal bias in the world, as is indicated in the graph.

June-July 2012 (lull): The summer before the election was probably the lowest point for liberal bias all year. Romney hadn’t screwed up too badly, and was talking as if he were a conservative. He hadn’t completely screwed up too badly yet. Things looked good.

November 2012 (peak): Unfortunately, the last month or so before the election showed a dramatic ramp-up of liberal bias in the world. This peak in liberal bias is probably responsible for causing Obama to get re-elected. You can see that it peaks exactly on election day.

Post-Election 2012 (unstable): The overall level of liberal bias is very unstable in this period. First it dips because people are angry that somehow Obama stole the election, then it goes up again as the liberals try to scare people about the fiscal cliff, then it drops again as Michigan successfully continues to destroy evil liberal unions, and so on. In some ways, this kind of instability is the natural by-product of electing a Kenyan as president.

Early 2013 (skyrocketing): The first part of this year has been literally disastrous for conservatives. First, Republicans cave on the “Fiscal Cliff” and tax issue. Then a bunch of kids are murdered by mad gunmen in schools, which irrationally makes people think they need protection from guns. Then, Obama gives the most liberal inauguration speech in the history of the known universe.

March 2013 – April 2013 (level): This end of the first quarter of 2013 has been marked by an uneasy levelness to liberal bias, with internal fluctuations of many of the indicators. The index suggests that while liberal bias may be decreasing over all, this is offset by the fact that the American people really, really, really hate Rich People, and are starting to give in to the pressures of Gay Marriage.

One Response

  1. Alexandre Pinho

    “The Rich: Once again, conservatives would never search on this term. Instead, they would search on “job creators” or “future husband opportunities”.”
    It seams like you’re just trolling when you say it this way because we liberals/socialists don’t see rich people as job creators. We think the real job creators in this country are the middle class, and that’s why we advocate for a stronger middle class by decreasing poverty and income inequality and providing the bridge of oportunity so they can move up the ladder (while still having personal responsibility – probably one of the most searched things by conservatives/capitalists).
    The reason we think the middle class are the real job creators is because they are the ones that spend the most (as a whole) and thus are the ones that create the most demand. This demand plus the profit motive will encourage employers to hire more people.
    PS:Liberals don’t search for “Social justice”. Try “Income inequality”.
    PPS: WTF?”future husband oportunities”? Do conservatives really search for that?

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