Google has a liberal bias!

Liberally Biased Google

Liberally Biased Google

For a long time, many people have been reporting on the liberal bias of Google.  Consider all of this damning evidence: 1) Last memorial day, the flag that Google displayed was TOO SMALL, 2) Google once employed a guy who was personally opposed to the uprising in Egypt, which everyone knows was bad, 3) some guy once had a conservative website that didn’t show up in Google search, 4) they sometimes pull conservative things from Youtube, and 5) their search results sometimes return websites that say good things about Barack Aboma.

As if that were not proof enough, look at today’s Google Doodle, celebrating the 2012 Olympics….



French and GayAs a proud conservative American, I have to ask this: why is the Olympic gymnast celebrated by an American company so blatantly French!?!?!?

Shouldn’t Google be showing pride in this country, and showing a fine outstanding American Olympic gymnast? Is this a sign that Google is secretly in love with France, where they have something like 200% taxes on the rich and hate puppies?

This is the last straw.  You must STOP using Google immediately, so that you do not support their French-loving, communist, anti-family, pro-mustache agenda.

Instead, you should use this conservative search page that allows you search from alternative modern and up-to-date engines like “Alta Vista” and “Lycos”.  They also let you search the Bible.

And as long as you can search the Bible…. who really needs Google, anyway?