Tea Party Valentines: this love is totally right

The Binder: A love story
The Binder: A love story
Photo Credit: Citizen Schwartz (www.citizenschwartz.com)


We turned to Twitter to help us come up with Valentine’s Day messages that reach to the heart of the Tea Party message, and are guaranteed to be free from liberal bias.

Using the hashtag #TeaPartyValentines we were able to collect a great list Valentine’s Day slogans that you can use when targeting your conservative loved ones today.

Awards for most outstanding Tea Party Valentines tweets go to the always funny and insightful: @FoxxiLiberal and @ScottLinnen.

TOP #TeaPartyValentines TWEETS















Finally, always remember that you can meet your perfect gun-toting Tea Party partner at TeaPartyHarmony Dot Com (audio courtesy of @RockyMntnMike)