Five specific GOP predictions about Obamacare: TRUE OR FALSE?

Back before Obamacare was passed, good conservative Republicans made MANY DIRE PREDICTIONS about all of the things that would go wrong with Obamacare if it was made into law.

Well, most of Obamacare has now been implemented, so let’s see how accurate these predictions were! Specifically, the Commonwealth Fund has released the results of a new survey to find out what people’s real, true, actual experiences with Obamacare have been.

PREDICTION 1: Obamacare won’t really cover any new people!

Republicans were making the sensible prediction that all Obamacare would do is make lazy people even lazier by making the taxpayers pay for their insurance, but it would not actually insure more people.


Obamacare: Uninsured Rate Declines

(About 9.5 million adults gained new coverage, and that figure does not include children.)

PREDICTION 2: The coverage provided by Obamacare will be worse!

Republicans predicted that people will be worse off with Obamacare plans than they were before, because Obamacare is socialist and socialism is always bad.


Obamacare: people are better off

(Fifty-eight percent of those who signed up for Obamacare — either for Medicaid or private insurance — said that they were better off than they were before than had their new insurance plan.)

PREDICTION 3: People will hate the Obamacare plans!

Republicans were frantically going around finding people who didn’t like their new Obamacare plans in order to prove that everyone hated it.


Obamacare: most people like their coverage

(78% of the people surveyed reported being satisfied with their new Obamacare insurance.)

PREDICTION 4: People signing up won’t even use the coverage!

Obamacare will be forcing people to buy coverage that they won’t even use!


Obamacare: most people have used their coverage

(Three out of five enrollees have used their new insurance — most were people who couldn’t afford care before.)

PREDICTION 5: Obamacare will cause long lines and wait times, nobody will be able to get appointments!

Just like in Canada, right!?!?


Obamacare: most people got appointments quickly

(More than a third were able to get appointments within a week, more than half were able to get appointments within two weeks.)


The Republican predictions about the failure of Obamacare are…. well, just look at the graphs!

I think “Close Enough!” pretty much captures it, don’t you?

Ep 1: Is Obamacare really getting more popular?

In this episode of “That **** has Liberal Bias”, Zach talks about the supposed 49% approval that Obamacare hit last month. The real question is: what do you trust more, statistics or your gut feelings?

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Numerical Deficit

People vote on reality.

This graph proves that the Federal Deficit is getting bigger. Anyone who disagrees therefore hates freedom and democracy, and clearly has a liberal bias.

According to this graph, 62% of the people voted to believe that the deficit is getting bigger, 28% voted to believe that it is roughly the same, and only 6% voted to believe that the deficit is shrinking. By a clear majority, the American people have decided that  the deficit is increasing.  In a representative government like the United States, that means they must be right.

Numerical DeficitNow, if you are weak-willed or easily confused, you might point to other graphs that seem to show the numerical value of the deficit decreasing every year since 2009.   From that, you might be fooled into believing that the deficit is not increasing.

But saying stuff like that is to completely disrespect the power of the people.  If someone says that the deficit is “actually” decreasing and that 90% of the people are “wrong”, you need to respond by saying:


Then you will have obviously won the argument.

As Mitt Romney’s noble and glorious presidential campaign said: we will not allow our beliefs to be dictated by fact-checkers!


graphs found via: Steve Benen, MaddowBlog (graph  1) (graph 2)

Trust has a liberal bias

Trust has a liberal bias

Trust has a liberal bias

Liberals are tooting their horns over this graph, but they are interpreting it wrong. All this graph really means is that trust has a liberal bias.

According to poll conducted by the far-left communist organization, the Wall Street Journal, more Americans trust Democrats than Republicans to handle domestic issues like health care, social security, energy, the economy, and looking out for the middle class.

But that is why good conservatives know that a government can’t be based on mushy, squishy-feely emotions like “trust”.  Sean Hannity, the Wise and Just, has been harping on this very issue on his radio show for the last several days now.  “Democrats are good at manipulating people’s emotions,” he says. “Democrats win by getting people fired up.”

That’s what “trust” is, folks. A stupid, irrational, liberal emotion.  We, as conservatives should be proud that the American people don’t “trust” the Republican party!

After all… look at voter ID laws, Gerrymandering, and our attempts to roll back the Voting Rights Act.

It’s pretty clear that we don’t trust the American people, either.


graph data source: NBC/Wall Street Journal poll
graph found via: Steve Benen, Maddow Blog

Are you one of the 87% ?

The 87 Percent

The 87 Percent

According to a recent poll, 87% of Americans consider the word “Republican” to be synonymous with greed, racism, and violence. We know how to fix that.

Of course, by “fix that” we don’t mean change people’s minds. Recent history has shown that conservatives are not very good at that. However, we have learned how to unskew polls.

Thanks to the methods and technology used  in the last election, we have learned to reason this way: Since there are two sides to every issue, and “fair” means 50-50, any statistic must be corrected so that it reflects 50% the opinions that agree with Republicans and 50% the opinions that agree with Democrats.

Since we now know that 87% of the people have liberal bias, we must remember to compensate for this in all of our calculations.

Here is an example:  Obama’s approval is currently 55%.

But that is only because 87% of the people unfairly think that Republicans are greedy, racist dickwads. To be fair, we should assume that only 50% of people think that Republicans are greedy racist dickwads.  Therefore, Obama’s approval rating is really

55%  x  (50/87)  = 32%



See how unskewing works?

Now that you know how it’s done, make sure you unskew all of your friends when talking to them about politics.

Remember, if you don’t do this, then people might think you are one of the 87%, and guilty of liberal bias!


Data Source: NSON Opinion Strategy
Data Found Via: The Allegiant
Graph By:

“Favorability” has a liberal bias!

Liberal Bias Favorability

Liberal Bias Favorability

The new Quinnipiac survey results were released last week. They show one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: the word “favorability” must have a liberal bias!

Look at these disgusting, liberal survey results. For each politician, the blue bar represents the number of people who rated their view of the politician as “favorable” while the red bar represents the number of people who rated their view of the politician as “unfavorable”.  (They do not add up to 100%, because the difference is the number of people who said that they did not have enough information to answer.)

The gray diamond shows the favorability margin: the favorability minus the unfavorability.

First of all, there is an obvious liberal bias to this poll, because the Republican politicians overall averaged much more unfavorably than the Democratic ones. In fact, the only Republican politician who ranked as more favorable than the lowest-rated Democratic politician was Marco Rubio. Clearly this means that the whole idea of “favorability” is liberal and communist and this question shouldn’t even be asked.

However, that is not even the worst part of this survey result.

The worst part is this: HILLARY CLINTON?  REALLY??????

Don’t the American people REALIZE that she’s, like, practically the devil?

Haven’t the American people been listening, when we tell them that she had White House Counsel Vince Foster killed, she accepted money from a Chinese spy, she has a lot of mysterious dead friends, she manipulated high risk commodities futures in a money scam, she was involved in something called Whitewater that nobody remembers but was a big scandal, she is secretly a lesbian (you can tell because of her haircut), she faked a concussion and/or allowed herself to be pushed down the stairs just to avoid testifying about Benghazi, and… and… STUFF LIKE THAT???

How can the American People like this woman???

Obviously, they have all been hypnotized by some kind of liberal lesbian voodoo.


And if that weren’t bad enough, this poll now gives liberals an excuse to shamelessly brag and strut about how popular their girl Hillary is.

God, they are such sore winners.


graph data source: quinnipiac poll results, Feb 8 2013
graph created by:

The GOP applauds the New England Blizzard for not giving in to “global warming”

Belief in climate change by party and temperature


Belief in climate change by party and temperature

In honor of blizzard “Nemo”, which buried New England under feet of snow this past weekend, we are ready to reveal a new GOP strategy to win over independent voters: MORE BLIZZARDS.

The above graph, recently published in the research journal “Climate and Society”, tells you everything you need to know. It shows how people who identify with different political parties (Democrat, Republican, and Independent) are affected by unusual changes in temperature. The basic findings of the study are as follows:

1) Republicans are always right: they have a very low probability of believing in climate change, no matter what the temperature is outside. Good for them.

2) Democrats are always wrong: they have a very high probability of believing in climate change, no matter what the temperature is outside.  Obviously that means they have been indoctrinated and are so ideologically skewed that nothing will change their minds.

3) Independents believe in climate change when it is warm outside, and do not believe in climate change when it’s cold outside.


Following the release of this study, the GOP has announced a new plank in the Republican Party Platform: Republicans are now officially “Pro-Winter Storm”!

For the sake of conservatism and the Republican party, we therefore would like to propose that from now on Presidential Elections only be held on the days of or immediately following really bad winter storms.


After all, just look at the graph above: the numbers make is clear that high temperatures just lead to liberal bias!!!


graph data source: Hamilton & Stampone in Weather, Climate and Society (2013)
graph found via:

Poll sampling has a liberal bias!

Graph of Bias.

The above graph does not have liberal bias. Quite the opposite: it suggests a brilliant way to fix the liberal bias that can usually be found everywhere in facts, statistics, and data in general.

This graph, produced by a very credible anonymous person on the internet who uses the nickname “NumbersCruncher” who posted it on Twitter and then had it later published on the extremely reliable news source The Blaze, clearly shows that most of the election polls suffer from a “sample advantage” of Democrats over Republicans.

What does “sample advantage” mean? It means that they polled more Democrats than Republicans.  As you can see, every poll except Rasmussen sampled more than 4% more Democrats than Republicans, and every poll except Rasmussen shows Obama having an advantage. The conclusion is obvious: the only reason these polls show and advantage for Obama is that they surveyed more Democrats than Republicans!

Now, the people who do the polls might say something like this: Consistently, likely voters have actually consisted of 3% more self-described Democrats than Republicans, and in the last presidential election the voting population actually was made up of 7% more Democrats than Republicans. Therefore, our survey sample simply reflects the statistical reality of the make-up of the voting population.

But that’s stupid.

Obviously, the only way to have a fair and unbiased survey is to poll half of the people on one side, and half of the people on the other. I mean, that’s just common sense. When there are two sides, the fair thing to do is to survey half from one group and half from the other. Fair means both sides are equal. Nothing could be more obvious. Check your gut feelings: doesn’t that seem fair?

Therefore, we propose that the genius method suggested by this anonymous internet person in the above graph actually be applied even more widely.  For example:

To determine whether global warming is true, survey 100 climate change supporters and 100 climate change deniers.

To determine whether evolution is true, survey 100 evolutionists and 100 creationists.

To determine whether English should be the national language, survey 100 people who believe that English should be the national language and 100 people who think it should not.

Quite plainly, this is the best way to get good, conservative statistical results.

Anything else would just be liberal bias!!!!


Graph Data Source: who knows? some anonymous person made it and posted it on Twitter. That’s how we know it’s true.
Graph Found Via:



Personality has a liberal bias!

Liberal Personality Traits.According to a recent poll, Barack Obama has more personality than Mitt Romney.  You can tell, because whenever people were asked about personality traits, they tended to say that Obama had them and Romney did not.

In particular, Obama was seen as more inspiring, caring, compassionate, knowledgeable, decent, and intelligent. Romney was seen as only slightly more moral and strong.

Some liberals might say that this is a result that somehow is favorable for Obama, but good conservatives realize that this is nonsense. After all, we’re voting on a President, not “Mister Personality Of The Year.” What matters isn’t who has more personality, or a better personality, or anything like that. What matters is that Romney has money. Lots and lots and lots of money.

All of these so-called “personality” traits do not matter. Any clear-thinking Real American knows that they are superficial, irrelevant, and have liberal bias!!!!


Graph Data Source: August 18-20 YouGov Poll.
Graph Found Via: