Restaurant sells 15 cent cheeseburger, prints a totally honest receipt

Last week a restaurant in Minnesota added a “minimum wage fee” to its receipts. Of course this outraged idiot liberals, and made Glenn Beck very happy. And why wouldn’t it? Capitalism! Transparency! No ulterior motive whatsoever!

Everyone should love it.

In fact, a small restaurant in Tennessee, Billy’s Diner, decided to take this idea one step further.

“Yeah, we realized that we could drop the price of our cheeseburger down to just fifteen cents, if we count all of our overhead and secondary expenses as fees instead,” explains Bil, founder and owner of Billy’s Diner.

As usual, liberal patrons were outraged by this move. One took a photo of his receipt for a cheeseburger with his phone, and it has gone viral circulating the internet:

Restaurant receipt showing a minimum wage fee and other fees.
Restaurant receipt showing minimum wage fee, as well as other fees.

“I feel so cheated!” the anonymous liberal patron whined, “I was told the cheeseburger was fifteen cents, and I ended up paying over ten dollars!”

Clearly, he doesn’t understand capitalism.

“See in a way the way we have our receipt is more honest,” explains Bil. “We show people exactly what they are paying for. Cheeseburgers really aren’t that expensive, you know. There are all these other factors.”

When we asked Bil why the receipt did not show a “business owner’s salary” fee, he said “This interview is over!” and walked away.


Corporate profits conspire to make conservatives look wrong

Liberal Company Profits

Liberal Company Profits

Conservatives know logic. People are suffering because companies are doing poorly. Companies are doing poorly because of regulation and taxes. Regulation and taxes are exploding out of control because Obama is a Kenyan. Q.E.D.

Yet somehow, this graph seems to contradict this air-tight logical narrative.

This graph shows that corporate profits have been climbing for decades, despite the fact that employees have been getting a smaller and smaller share of corporate output over that same period of time.

This graph suggests that your average folk-on-the-street could actually be getting paid a lot more at whatever job he is working, if the way that companies allocated their expenses was closer to what it was in (for example) 2001, when a smaller percentage of the income of companies went to profits and a larger share went to employee salaries and benefits.

This graph suggests that the economic hurt people are feeling right now might not be entirely because we have a Kenyan President.

This conclusion, of course, cannot possibly be right.

The only explanation is that this graph must be infected with liberal bias!!!


graph data source: NIPA Table 1.14
graph found via: Warm Southern Breeze