How to identify a terrorist (without liberal bias)

What to call a terrorist (without falling for liberal bias)

For the last week or so, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have been talking on their radio programs about how terrible it is that police and news reporters are not using words like “Islamic” and “foreign” in every single sentence they utter in connection to the Boston Bombing. They have been blaming this on things like “political correctness” and “the unreasonable fear that some people might say you’re an asshole”.

This has created some confusion among good, honest, every-day conservatives who just aren’t entirely clear how they are supposed to identify terrorists and criminals who aren’t brown-skinned people. Do you blame it on their religion? Do you blame it on their country of original? You obviously can’t blame it on their race. What’s a person to do?

Thus, we here at have decided to provide you with this handy flow-chart to help put your mind at ease.  Using this chart, you will always be able to know how to talk about any person who commits a terrible crime.

What to call a terrorist (without falling for liberal bias)

If you would like to print out thousands of copies and hand them out as leaflets at your local elementary school, you can download the PDF version to print by clicking HERE.

Do terrorists love liberals?

Terrorists Love Liberals

Liberals love the above graph. They will try to convince you that it proves that Democrats keep our country safer than Republicans. But that is a lie. Luckily, we know the real conservative interpretation of these numbers.

According to this graph, terrorist attacks on U.S. diplomatic targets decreased under Clinton and Obama, stayed generally the same under Bush, and actually increased during the Reagan/Bush era. Liberals naturally claim some kind of credit, trying to make you think that they are better at keeping Americans safer than Republicans.


But if you are skilled in interpreting data like this, as we are, then you can see the deeper explanation that liberals do not want you to see.

Terrorists attack Americans less when liberals are presidents because terrorists love liberals.

They love them, they want to kiss them and date them and do dirty sexual things to them.

Why? Because terrorists know that liberals are all foreign terrorist communist sympathizers!  That’s  right, I said it! The terrorists know that liberals are secretly all on their side and want to destroy America from within.

THAT is why terrorist attacks have decreased during the Clinton and Obama presidencies! It had nothing at all to do with Democratic foreign policy being more diplomatic, or stronger, or safer, or anything else like that. Do not be fooled.

And if graphs like this even suggest that we might have been safer when Democrats were president, then the graphs themselves obviously are just infected with liberal bias!!!!


graph data source: National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
graph found via: Mother Jones

Deportations have a liberal bias!

Liberal Deportations

Everyone knows that Obama’s liberal policies have destroyed border-security and made the illegal immigration problem in this country worse than it has ever been before. He is weak on immigrants, and letting illegal immigrant crime run rampant.

So how is it that this graph shows that deportation of illegal immigrants has actually increased each year under the Obama administration? How is it possible that Obama’s record on the deportation of illegals is better than George Bush’s?

Obviously, these deportation statistics are nothing more than liberally biased propaganda designed to cover up what a huge weak failure Obama has been on the issue of border security.

Any graph that does not highlight Obama’s failures on security are nothing more than liberal bias!!!!!

source: U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 2010 Yearbook of Immigration Statistics.


Terrorism has a liberal bias!

Liberal Terrorism Approval

I know this is a very controversial topic for some people. Ultra-left-wing loons always tell us that it is just completely wrong and over-the-top to draw any connection between liberals and terrorists. They call it destructive, hysterical, blah blah blah, and all that noise.

BUT IS IT??????

Let’s look at the numbers.  When the Washington Post asked people to rate Obama’s performance on a number of issues, the results of the poll clearly showed his incompetence on every issue… except one! Notice that there is only one topic where more people said “strongly approve” than “strongly disapprove”, and that is the way Obama has has handled the threat of terrorism.


Yes, it is. Obviously, if an incompetent liberal president can “do well” dealing with terrorism, then terrorism must be in on it. They are conspiring to make this failed president look good, and thus was are forced to conclude logically, based on these factual numbers, that terrorism has a liberal bias!!!!

source: The Washington Post