Scott Walker protects Wisconsin from the biggest threat: Voters

Scott Walker knows that the best way to prevent ALL voter fraud is just to prevent voting

Poor Scott Walker. He gets such a bum rap. People keep acting like he’s a criminal and making listicles about the horrible things he’s done to workers, women, and low-income families. It’s not his fault Wisconsin’s in a ditch. Don’t blame him for being the guy with the shovel!

Sure, it might look bad that Wisconsin’s dead last in Midwest job creation, but that’s just because things take longer in Wisconsin than in other states. You just wait and see. If Mary Burke wins in November and her jobs plan succeeds,  it’ll only be because of the digging Scott Walker did to lay the foundation.

Besides, we can look past that because Scott Walker has definitely achieved one thing: He has rid Wisconsin from the scourge of voter fraud!!

He’s drained the swamp. OK, he only found one guy in the swamp, and that guy was a Republican…. but still, that counts, right? Besides, an outright epidemic of voter fraud could have broken out at any time in Wisconsin… so Scott Walker has taken pre-emptive steps.


Think of all the problems the Democrats are inviting in other states by expanding access to voting, making it easier to vote by mail, or vote early or on Sunday…. Horrible!

The population in Wisconsin is far too… you know… polite, civil and inclusive… to want all of that extra voting going on. But luckily, Scott Walker and Republican-appointed judges are on it, and ready to prevent voting before it ever happens!

Oops, I mean “prevent voter fraud before it happens”.

Bravo, Scott Walker! Bravo!

Liberal graphs round-up: May 14 2014

This first graph shows that attacks during the Obama administration have been dramatically lower than ANY previous Republican administration. This obviously can’t be true, because Benghazi.

Hat tip to @BmoreProgressiv for tweeting this graph, which originally appeared on Mother Jones.

Attacks on U.S. diplomatic targets.

This next graph seems to show that the attitudes of Republicans toward the threat of climate change mirrors the attitudes of fascist, anti-science, oppressive states like Pakistan, Egypt and China. That that is just misleading, because Freedom.

Hat tip to @JeffersonObama for tweeting this graph.

Views on climate change

This next graph shows that Scott Walker’s economic policies have caused job growth in Wisconsin to completely and utterly tank ever since Scott Walker took office, and more specifically since he has been able to implement his conservative economic policies. That, however, must be a liberal illusion of some sort, because Capitalism.

Hat tip to @adbridgeforth  for tweeting this graph.

Wisconsin job growth

Finally, the last image isn’t a graph, but a set of statistics, so it sort of counts. According to this collection of numbers, the Republican Party is disgustingly, disastrously out of touch with the American people! That clearly cannot be right, because Media Bias!

Hate tip to @eelawl1966 for tweeting this image, originally created and shared by @GOPMeme:

Poll results on the issues

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Wisconsin job growth has a liberal bias!

Wisconsin job growth

Wisconsin job growth

Wisconsin is a shining conservative city on a hill, and has been implementing severely conservative policies for several years now. So why isn’t job growth as high as conservatives say it should be?

Take a quick look at the recent history of Wisconsin.  When Scott Walker was inaugurated as governor, it meant that the Republican Party finally had complete control of the state: Republican governor, Republican Assembly, and Republican State Senate.  Yippee!

Immediately, he got to work. Walker refused money from the federal government for building high-speed rail. He cut education funding. He destroyed unions. He signed a Voter ID law that would make it more difficult for people to vote. He turned away federal money for health care reform.

Now, sure, some people did some grousing, and Walker barely survived a recall election.  But all of that is ok! Why?

Because of what was in his heart. The only reason he did all of these unpopular things was to create jobs! 

You see, sometimes tough decisions have to be made. Scott Walker knew that some of his decisions would be unpopular, but he also knew: all of these things will boost job growth.

Refusing money for highspeed rail and health care reform… well, that will obviously create jobs.  Duh.

Destroying unions…. well, that might not help union jobs, but nobody cares about those anyway.

And making it harder for people to vote…. well, we’re pretty dang certain that that is supposed to create jobs, too!!

So what is wrong with the above graph?

Why has Wisconsin consistently plummeted in job growth to be last in the national rankings?


Clearly, if all of Wisconsin’s conservative job-creating efforts have actually lead to a decrease in job growth, it can’t be because conservative economic beliefs are wrong.

Oh no. Anything but that.

You know what it’s got to be: …. liberal bias!!!


graph data source: QCEW data from the BLS
graph found via: The Daily Kos