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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Articles posted in: science

BREAKING: Bobby Jindal declares Louisiana a “science-free zone”
, 30 Oct 2014 by The Daily Edge

The Daily Edge Jindal declares Louisiana a science-free zone

Bobby Jindal has become the first US Governor to declare his home state “science-free.” Although Jindal was a biology major at college his recent conversion to the Koch-olic religion has led to his complete renunciation of science and facts. Earlier this year, Jindal not only rejected manmade climate change, he also advised citizens of Louisiana


Atheism causes obesity, teen misbehavior, contraception and sharks!
, 15 Aug 2014 by Gregory Stevens

Graph number of sharks caught

Today’s letter is about the decline of religion, and its terrible effects on our society and our culture. Dear Pastor Gregory:As a good Republican — who follows the Biblical model for marriage, of course — I stay at home while my husband works. Needless to say, I have a TON of free time and love


Ep 11: This video is about deep-fried lard and NOT ABOUT GLOBAL WARMING. Honest. No, really.
, 04 Aug 2014 by Zach Heltzel

Deep Fried Lard, Global Climate Change, and the conspiracy of science

You should totally eat a pound of deep-fried lard every day. It will not make you fat. How do I know? Science has not proven that it will. Zach patiently goes through all of the explanations that “Lard will make you fat”-deniers use to disprove the so-called “science” that some people think shows that eating


An alternative scientific theory of the true causes of climate change and global warming
, 15 May 2014 by Gregory Stevens

A theologically-correct, conservative, alternative scientific theory of global warming that has no liberal bias!

Today I would like to take time to give an in-depth and serious reply to the following letter that I received from a reader, and brother in Christ: Dear Pastor Gregory, I’m writing to you poolside from Tampa, Florida drowning in a cocktail of sweat and suntan lotion. My sunburned and blistered hands, by the


10 reasons conservatives CANNOT believe in the Big Bang Theory
, 19 Mar 2014 by LiberalBias.com

God versus Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe has receive supporting evidence recently

Once again, science has found even more evidence for the “Big Bang Theory” of the origins of the universe. This whole “evidence” situation has gotten so bad that plenty of conservatives are ready to give up on their deeply-held beliefs. “So what if the universe is billions of years old?” they say. “After all, I


How to argue like a fanatic! (5 easy tips!)
, 19 Feb 2014 by LiberalBias.com

Rational debate is for sinners. Learn how to debate like a fanatic.

If you are a true American conservative, then you are a fanatic. That is not an insult! It is a compliment. You should wear it with pride. The word “fanatic” uses the same root as the word “fan”.  Aren’t you a fan of Jesus? Aren’t you a fan of free market economics? Of course you


God speaks through Ham to make a prophecy for 2016.
, 06 Feb 2014 by Gregory Stevens

The United States Constitution

In a TV aired debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham, the secular lies of science were utterly demolished by the truths of God’s Word. God spoke through Ham to prove the Earth is 6,000 years old, that Adam and Eve road around on dinosaurs, and that human beings were the cause for everything evil


Schroedinger’s Hannity
, 20 Sep 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Schroedinger's Hannity

Erwin Schroedinger is an Austrian physicist who came up with a very interesting thought-experiment to demonstrate the curious properties of quantum mechanics… and also the Republican Party. The thought experiment is called Schroedinger’s Hannity. Imagine, if you will, a box that is entirely closed so that no part of the inside can be observed from


Dinosaur sex has a liberal bias!
, 12 Sep 2013 by Gregory Stevens

Buttsex killed the dinosaurs

Recently the liberal-leaning news source, National Public Radio (NPR), published an article by Robert Krulwhich in which he discusses the inability for scientists to figure out how dinosaurs mated. This is a basic question that should easily be answered by scientists, but nonetheless they are unable to answer or even fabricate another wild theory (like


Radical new conservative movement denies that humans exist
, 21 Aug 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Humans are a figment of God's imagination

In an effort to combat liberal bias in science, a new conservative religious movement fights “evolutionist propaganda” by denying that human creation ever happened. Over the last several decades, there have been two major public fracas between Science and  Religion: Global Warming and Evolutionism. Although religious conservatives have had a great deal of success in


Olinguito has a liberal bias!
, 16 Aug 2013 by LiberalBias.com


Liberal “scientists” claim to have discovered a new kind of mammal, called “olinguito”, in Colombia and Ecuador. Obviously this is part of a liberal plot to create a one-world government. First of all, why were scientists even looking for animals in Colombia and Ecuador? Why not look for new animals in the good old U.S.A?


SCIENCE! …for conservatives.
, 11 Jun 2013 by LiberalBias.com


This educational video explains that Conservatives don’t need to be anti-science. They just need to know how to tell good science from bad.   Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJvXgNcMu98 Subscribe to Liberal Bias Video: https://www.youtube.com/LiberalBiasVideo  

This water has liberal bias!
, 22 May 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Liberal old water

All good conservatives know that the earth is no more than 6,000 years old. So what kind of dastardly trick is going on with this water? According to the radical left-wing propaganda publication USA Today, liberal “scientists” have found water that is 1.5 billion year.s old. This is obviously stupid and ridiculous, since every good


UNSKEWED GRAPH: Scientists split on climate change
, 28 Feb 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Scientists split on climate change

As a public service, we have created this graph to illustrate the virtual dead heat between scientists who accept climate change as a theory, and those who do not accept it. There have been a number of articles recently that have presented this same data, but with very biased graphs that seem to suggest that


The GOP applauds the New England Blizzard for not giving in to “global warming”
, 11 Feb 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Belief in climate change by party and temperature

  In honor of blizzard “Nemo”, which buried New England under feet of snow this past weekend, we are ready to reveal a new GOP strategy to win over independent voters: MORE BLIZZARDS. The above graph, recently published in the research journal “Climate and Society”, tells you everything you need to know. It shows how


This flying squirrel has a liberal bias!
, 08 Feb 2013 by LiberalBias.com

Liberal Flying Squirrel

“Flying squirrels are hippies, have a well-known liberal bias and are part of the Evil Atheist Conspiracy,” writes Darrell B. Nelson, at Project Savior. We think this is an important and often-overlooked point. His argument is based on the issue of evolution theory. Over the years, conservatives have mustered a number of stock arguments against


Temperature anomalies have a liberal bias!
, 28 Nov 2012 by LiberalBias.com

This left-wing propaganda chart seems to imply that this year is one of the hottest years since 1895. But that can’t be right, because some guy at Forbes magazine said the world is cooling! According to this graph, January through July of this year was the warmest first seven months of any year on record


Sneaky climate chart uses numbers to lie!
, 23 Nov 2012 by LiberalBias.com

This chart severely misrepresents the ambiguity of the Global Warming debate. By relying on liberally biased “numbers”, it fails to represent the basic principle of fairness: there are two sides to every story. This chart is being spread on Facebook and through other liberal social media conduits. It divides the circle into two pieces: one


Dumb liberals think human beings are fish
, 22 Oct 2012 by LiberalBias.com

Recently the ultra-left wing fringe communist website Media Matters criticized Fox News for their in-depth debunking of the “Global Warming” myth. The only thing sadder than liberals claiming “Global Warming” is liberals explaining away the PROOF that Global Warming is false. Daily Mail reporter David Rose completely debunked the myth of Global Warming in every


There are two sides to every story, and one of them is socialist.
, 24 Sep 2012 by LiberalBias.com

When science says that Fox News is biased, there is only one obvious and correct response: “Nuh uh… you are!” Liberals like to make fun of conservatives for being “anti-science” and unfortunately a lot of conservatives fall for this trick, and get all squeamish and apologize or deny that they are anti-science. The fact is,


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