How to identify a terrorist (without liberal bias)

What to call a terrorist (without falling for liberal bias)

For the last week or so, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin have been talking on their radio programs about how terrible it is that police and news reporters are not using words like “Islamic” and “foreign” in every single sentence they utter in connection to the Boston Bombing. They have been blaming this on things like “political correctness” and “the unreasonable fear that some people might say you’re an asshole”.

This has created some confusion among good, honest, every-day conservatives who just aren’t entirely clear how they are supposed to identify terrorists and criminals who aren’t brown-skinned people. Do you blame it on their religion? Do you blame it on their country of original? You obviously can’t blame it on their race. What’s a person to do?

Thus, we here at have decided to provide you with this handy flow-chart to help put your mind at ease.  Using this chart, you will always be able to know how to talk about any person who commits a terrible crime.

What to call a terrorist (without falling for liberal bias)

If you would like to print out thousands of copies and hand them out as leaflets at your local elementary school, you can download the PDF version to print by clicking HERE.