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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Author: TeaPartyCat

I was never a Reagan Democrat-- I've always been a Colbert Conservative.

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What does “post-racial America” look like to YOU?
, 01 Jul 2013

Post-VRA America

June 25th, 2013 was a historic day in America: it was the day the Supreme Court decided that there is officially NO SUCH THING AS RACISM in America!  We can all rejoice. Now, with the Voting Rights Act effectively killed, every single state in the union is allowed to make any changes they want to


The Supreme Court’s Big Gay Decision
, 12 Jun 2013

Tea Party Cat Predictions!

Everybody is expecting the Supreme Court to rule on Marriage Equality within the next week. Nobody knows what they will decide… but at least I can tell you what our Republican leaders will be thinking. If the Supreme Court rules to support same-sex marriage, even in part, we know what Republicans will think…   “God


Tea Party Valentines: this love is totally right
, 14 Feb 2013

The Binder: A love story

  We turned to Twitter to help us come up with Valentine’s Day messages that reach to the heart of the Tea Party message, and are guaranteed to be free from liberal bias. Using the hashtag #TeaPartyValentines we were able to collect a great list Valentine’s Day slogans that you can use when targeting your


Top 10 Awkward Moments of 2012 campaign
, 26 Dec 2012

Awkward Romney

In the wake of President Obama’s electoral college blowout over Mitt Romney, conservatives have done a lot of soul searching to figure out what went wrong. Was it the fault of conservative ideology, policies, or rhetoric? Was it their unwillingness to compromise?   Or was Mitt just an awful candidate? It’s my opinion that conservatives


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