The private sector has a liberal bias!

Private Sector Liberal Bias

Everyone knows that higher education is over-run by liberals. Yet somehow, the private sector pays people who have advanced degrees WAY more than people who don’t. The private sector actually rewards people for having left-wing college and graduate degrees even more than the public sector does!

This is clear evidence that the private sector has a liberal bias!!!

Source: Current Population Survey-IPUMS, 2010
Via:  Mother Jones Magazine

State deficits have a liberal bias!

Liberal Deficits

Everybody knows that the only way to balance a budget is to destroy unions. In state after state, governors have put forward good conservative plans to balance the budget by getting rid of unions.

Yet somehow, this graph shows that there is no relationship between union membership and state deficits. The fit line is essentially flat, and with no significant correlation (p=0.21).

Since good conservative common sense tells us that unions should sap money from government, there is only one explanation: these state deficits must have a liberal bias!!

source: data from CBPP and BLS, graph by John Sides

The GDP has a liberal bias!

Liberal GDP

Looking at the last 8 completed presidential terms, the average annual change in GDP when a Democrat has been in office has been 3%, while the average annual change in GDP when a Republican has been in office has only been 2.5%.

How is this possible, when everybody knows that conservatives are the ones who know how to make the economy work and liberals only know how to make people less free?

This obviously demonstrates that the Gross Domestic Product suffers from a liberal bias!!!

Source: Budget of the United States Government
Via: Wikipedia

Stock growth has a liberal bias!

Liberal Stock Growth

This graph provides further proof that the stock market is steeped–STEEPED–in liberal bias.

The average annualized return on $10,000 invested in the S&P Market has been 8.9% under Democrats, and 4.7% under Republicans… that’s if you exclude Hoover. With Hoover, the difference is even worse. This suggests that investing under Democrats (who are bad for business) would give you a greater return on your investment than investing under Republicans (who are good for business).

This makes no sense. Obviously, the Liberal Stock Market suffers from liberal bias!!!

Source: Bloomberg Financial Markets
Via: NY Times

Happiness has a liberal bias!

Liberal HappinessI have learned from Fox News, which is never wrong, that Medicaid doesn’t actually help people and in many cases makes people lazy and sick, especially with the disease of socialism.

But even though it’s obvious that government programs never work, this graph seems to show that people who have received Medicaid actually are happier, have less depression, and have better overall mental health than people who have not received Medicaid.


I will tell you what is really going on here. These so-called things called “happiness” and “mental health” are left-wing partisan fantasies. I mean, can you see them? Can you put them in a box? No, you can’t. They are just a fantasy created by too much liberal bias!!!!

Source: Oregon Health Insurance Experiment Report

Middle-class income has a liberal bias!

Liberal Middle Class Income

It is a well-known and highly proven fact that unions destroy the free market system and make angels cry. States that do not have unions are more free and prosperous in every way.

So how is it possible that middle-class income actually was higher when union membership was higher, and has gone down as union membership has gone down?


It is obvious what is happening here. Middle class income is engaged in a conspiracy with liberal socialist union members to make good, freedom-loving capitalists look bad. This is clearly a case of the middle-class incomes having liberal bias!!!!


Source: Center for American Progress
Via: Rachel Maddow Blog

Job creation has a liberal bias!

Liberal Job Creation

Despite the well-known fact that conservatives know how to create jobs and liberals only know how to kill people’s spirit, this graph seems to show that job creation has been higher during presidential terms with Democrat presidents than Republican presidents.

This data, from the radical left-wing organization the “Bureau of Labor Statistics,” demonstrates everything that is wrong with numbers and measurement. If these so-called “numbers” do not demonstrate the truth about conservative policies, then these so-called “numbers” are nothing more than liberal bias!!!!


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
Via: Wikipedia table used by Greg Stevens to create the graph.

National debt has a liberal bias!

Liberal National Debt

Sean Hannity, who is never wrong, is always telling me that Obama has created the National Debt almost entirely by himself. Yet somehow, this graph seems to show that the overwhelming majority of the debt was caused by Republican presidents.


Obviously this graph is nothing more than a liberal plot cooked up to confuse good, honest conservatives. Ignore it: it is just more liberal bias!!!


Source: compiled from data on by Rick Seaman
Via: The Maddow Blog

The stock market has a liberal bias!

Liberal stock market

Like all liberals, Obama has been crushing business and making it impossible for capitalism to thrive.

So how is it possible that the stock market has been continuously growing since Obama took office?

Something is clearly not right here. This so-called “statistic” , the stock market, seems to be one of those elite “facts” that is really nothing more than liberal bias!!!!


Source: Stock Exchange, NASDAQ 100 Index, 12/1/2011
: CNBC Realtime Quotes

Job growth has a liberal bias!

Path to Liberalbess

Everyone knows that Obama is the worst president ever and that everything his does makes the economy worse. So how is it possible that job growth seems to have been improving ever since he took office?

Obviously, there is a conspiracy. The radically partisan statistic called “job growth” is clearly guilty of liberal bias!!!


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 4/2/2010
Via: The Maddow Blog