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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Articles contributed by LiberalBias.com are researched and written by our in-house team at Liberal Bias headquarters, hidden deep in the Texas desert away from all of the liberal bias in the modern world.

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Every single statistic on sex-based pay inequality has LIBERAL BIAS!
, 09 Apr 2014

Wage gap by income level

Conservatives all know the supposed “gender gap” in income is a myth.  Unfortunately, when we tried to find actual statistics to support this conservative claim… we found that EVERY SINGLE STATISTIC on gender-based inequality somehow supports the liberal view that there really is pay discrimination based on sex. Talk about LIBERAL BIAS!!! For example, Rep. Lynn


Five reasons to love Paul Ryan’s newest Budget!
, 02 Apr 2014

Serious Budget

Paul Ryan has a history of producing the bestest budgets that solve all of the world’s problems. They are filled with awesomesauce and can be expected to end all poorness and debt by the year 2050. Unfortunately, big mean liberals have not actually allowed any of his previous budgets to get any further than the


Hobby Lobby pays to kill innocent babies by forced abortion in China
, 27 Mar 2014

When Hobby Lobby buys products made in China it is exactly as if they are forcing Chinese women to have abortions.

Hobby Lobby says they are Christian. They say they love God. They claim that the reason they don’t want to pay for employee health insurance is that some of that money might end up paying for someone’s abortion, and they hate abortion. This is their argument: 1) If we pay for health insurance for our


Obamacare: conservative logic versus liberal facts
, 26 Mar 2014


You are a conservative. You know how to use your brain. You believe things because you have thought them through, and they make sense to you. They seem logical. Unlike liberals, who believe things that totally make NO SENSE AT ALL, just because they have “statistics” to back them up. Nowhere is difference between conservatives


10 reasons conservatives CANNOT believe in the Big Bang Theory
, 19 Mar 2014

God versus Big Bang Theory of the origin of the universe has receive supporting evidence recently

Once again, science has found even more evidence for the “Big Bang Theory” of the origins of the universe. This whole “evidence” situation has gotten so bad that plenty of conservatives are ready to give up on their deeply-held beliefs. “So what if the universe is billions of years old?” they say. “After all, I


10 best signs I saw at the White Man March
, 17 Mar 2014

White Man March: MT GOX stole my bitcoins

If you are a white Christian, you may have noticed that you are living in constant fear as your rights are being stripped from you by gays, atheists, and racial minorities who seek to discriminate against you. This is why American patriot Kyle Hunt organized the White Man March, “an international day for independent pro-White


God’s Law: 13 laws to make America a REAL Christian Nation
, 13 Mar 2014

Gods Law: free baby birds for everyone!

Is America a Christian nation? Of course! Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay teaches us that the word of God has “manifested in what is called the Constitution of the United States. God created this nation and God created the Constitution; it is written on biblical principles.” DeLay gets it: he’s the real deal, a


Financial investors have a liberal bias!
, 12 Mar 2014

Obamacare investment funds have a liberal bias.

Everybody knows that Obamacare must be repealed, and will be repealed. Either Rand Paul will veto it when he’s elected President in 2016, or Michelle Bachmann will strike it down with her sword of Christian righteousness, or Ronald Reagan will miraculously rise from the dead and pronounce it unconstitutional. But one way or another, Obamacare


This letter proves gay marriage will destroy the health care industry
, 07 Mar 2014

CHAOS has been created by gay marriage in the California health care system

One of the things that so-called “gay rights activists” never adequately address is the mass confusion it will cause in our society if we can’t make absolute assumptions about the gender of people’s spouses. For example, consider a man in California named John. John is insured with Kaiser Permanente, which also offers coverage for spouses.


Seven reasons Pokemon is liberal indoctrination
, 03 Mar 2014

Pokemon is filled with liberal propaganda

If you thought Pokemon, the video game/television/trading card phenomenon that galvanized children in the 1990s, was just a fad, you were wrong. The first season of the television show just hit Netflix, immediately after over a million people participated in Twitch Plays Pokemon, a game where people teamed together to coordinate button presses that allowed


The Arizona Bible, and the 5 Commandments of Cake
, 26 Feb 2014

The 5 Commandments of Cake

The single most important issue in Arizona politics today is cake. Christians want to be allowed to follow their deeply-held beliefs about who gets cake, and who does not get cake. They have told the world that giving cake to homosexuals is AGAINST THEIR RELIGION. It is against the Bible, and against the teachings of


Republican jobs plan: REVEALED!!!
, 21 Feb 2014

Top Secret

Liberals like making fun of Republicans because, despite claims to be “laser-focused on job creation“, they seem to be talking about pretty much anything except improving jobs for the American people. But liberals have got it wrong. They just don’t understand. Republicans have been working non-stop on job creation… at the state level.  They have


How to argue like a fanatic! (5 easy tips!)
, 19 Feb 2014

Rational debate is for sinners. Learn how to debate like a fanatic.

If you are a true American conservative, then you are a fanatic. That is not an insult! It is a compliment. You should wear it with pride. The word “fanatic” uses the same root as the word “fan”.  Aren’t you a fan of Jesus? Aren’t you a fan of free market economics? Of course you


IMPORTANT NOTICE: being openly Christian is courageous, being openly gay is not
, 11 Feb 2014

What does it mean to be courageous?

Look, there seems to be a lot of confusion going around right now about what is and is not courageous when it comes to NFL football. As a public service announcement, we’d like to clear things up. When you publicly announce or advertise your Christianity, effectively shoving it down people’s throats despite the fact that


Eight reasons Valentines Day is bad for you and good for Obama
, 10 Feb 2014

Conservatives protest against Valentines Day

Pardon my language, but darn Valentine’s Day. Darn it to h*ck. The last time I went on a Valentine’s Day date was three years ago. A woman urged me to go see a screening of Justin Bieber: Never Say Never in 3D. While it was nice to see such a earnest documentary about a God-loving,


5 graphs that Teaparty conservatives will LOVE, proving Obama has destroyed everything!
, 29 Jan 2014

Income gap soars under Obama

We present to you 5 graphs that conclusively prove, visually and beyond a doubt, that Obama has pretty much destroyed everything and failed America. How can graphs lie? The inspiration for this list has been passed around by conservatives and Tea Party Republicans for the last several days. It shows that income inequality was flat


, 23 Jan 2014

Obama is a failed president

President Obama’s approval rating has tanked to a deplorable 40%, which clearly indicates that he is a completely failed President. This is an indisputable fact. This 40% approval rating means he is a COMPLETELY FAILED PRESIDENT. In the spirit of completeness, however, we are duty-bound to admit that Obama is not the first completely failed


This ice storm has a liberal bias!
, 22 Jan 2014

This ice storm has liberal bias!

The headlines read: A swirling storm with a potential for more than a foot of snow clobbered the mid-Atlantic and the urban Northeast on Tuesday, grounding thousands of flights, closing government offices in the nation’s capital and giving students another day off from school. Could this story be part of a LIBERAL PLOT TO MAKE


Unemployment numbers before and after unskewing: a lesson in biased chart-making
, 19 Jan 2014

Warning: this graph contains actual relevant facts to interpreting results, which are known to have liberal bias.

Since unemployment is at its lowest point since President Obama took office, good conservatives need to turn to a different statistic in order to convince people that the entire economy is imploding and on the brink of disaster and P.S. it’s all because of Obama. One of the most popular statistics to use is the


Forbes editorial endorses using homeless people to clean up nuclear waste
, 15 Jan 2014

This happy homeless Japanese man is off to clean up toxic nuclear waste. Look how happy he is, because he now gets to be employed. Go, capitalism!

A recent Forbes editorial by Doug Altner laid out a great conservative argument endorsing Japan’s practice of paying homeless people almost no money to clean up nuclear waste. Doug Altner might not realize that this is what he has done; in fact, many conservatives do not realize that they are completely in agreement with the


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