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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Articles contributed by LiberalBias.com are researched and written by our in-house team at Liberal Bias headquarters, hidden deep in the Texas desert away from all of the liberal bias in the modern world.

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Recent Articles

THREE FACTS that prove corporations matter more than you do
, 16 Jul 2014

Corporations matter more than you

Corporations are not only people, they are GREAT people. They are AWESOME people. They contribute to society in a positive way, unlike poor people and Democrats. Conservatives shouldn’t shy away from this basic fact. It’s a core part of conservative ideology, and there is nothing wrong with it: corporations matter, people who are not corporations….


Five specific GOP predictions about Obamacare: TRUE OR FALSE?
, 10 Jul 2014

Obamacare: most people like their coverage

Back before Obamacare was passed, good conservative Republicans made MANY DIRE PREDICTIONS about all of the things that would go wrong with Obamacare if it was made into law. Well, most of Obamacare has now been implemented, so let’s see how accurate these predictions were! Specifically, the Commonwealth Fund has released the results of a


Michael Savage identifies three reasons to impeach Obama, and we have data to back it up!
, 09 Jul 2014

Obama wants to come after your guns and here is proof

Michael Savage is a guy with a radio show. He’s a true-blue conservative. He spent a full three hours on his show yesterday on the question: “Should Obama be impeached?” He came out with a very strong answer of yes, and he gave several very specific reasons why Obama should be impeached. I was impressed.


What July 4th means to me: the 2014 edition
, 04 Jul 2014

Ronald Reagan Riding a Velociraptor by SharpWriter

Ronald Reagan gave a very famous speech at CPAC in 1974  in which he tells a story about the day the constitution was signed.  He gave another variation of the same speech in 1981, in a speech called “What July 4th Means To Me”. This is an excerpt: The myth goes that on July 4,


SHOCKING: Weird climate change poll suggests that money matters to people.
, 02 Jul 2014

Climate change poll results depend on exactly what the question asks.

Liberals have been trumpeting a recent poll result that suggests people are willing to pay more for their energy bills in order to fight global warming a.k.a. climate change. “By an almost two-to-one margin, 62 percent to 33 percent, Americans say they would pay more for energy if it would mean a reduction in pollution


What does a -2.9% annual GDP growth rate for Q1 2014 really mean?
, 26 Jun 2014

GDP changes by quarter over several years

The above picture, from Fox News, shows the correct way to report on the recent finding that the national gross domestic product (GDP) shrank by 2.9% (annualized) during the first quarter of 2014. Specifically, this picture is the correct way to report on this finding because it does not distract or confuse people with things


Total Jobs has a liberal bias!
, 11 Jun 2014

Total Jobs

Attention all conservatives! The following is an important announcement concerning your Tweets, Facebook Status Updates, and blog comments. DO NOT EVER talk about the “number of jobs” or in America. We have recently discovered that the total number of employees in the United States today is larger than ever before, even larger than it was


Tea Party caucus proposes bill to define new list of Founding Fathers
, 21 May 2014

The Founding Fathers: Tea Party Style

The Tea Party has never been happy with some of the people who are considered Founding Fathers of the Unites States. Although no official list really exist, the Founding Fathers are generally assumed to include at least the Committee of Five (Robert Livingston, Roger Sherman, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin), and often include


Liberal graphs round-up: May 14 2014
, 14 May 2014

Wisconsin job growth

A collection of the most liberally-biased graphs this week. These graphs do NOT support conservative philosophy or ideals! Do you have a tip for a graph that you want to share that is deviously, frighteningly LIBERAL in the numbers or facts that it reports? Make sure to send us a tip!

Republicans finally admit economy is improving; say racism is to blame
, 07 May 2014

Jobs are improving faster under Obama because of RACISM.

Over the past week, several notable Republicans have finally admitted that the economy is improving. “We’ve been denying it for five years now, and it’s been pretty exhausting,” admitted one chief aid to a prominent orange-hued Republican on the condition of anonymity. “But between unemployment being the best it has been since Bush, the stock


Is Obamacare really getting more popular?
, 05 May 2014

That Shit Has Liberal Bias Episode 1

In this episode of “That **** has Liberal Bias”, Zach talks about the supposed 49% approval that Obamacare hit last month. The real question is: what do you trust more, statistics or your gut feelings?

Check out our all new weekly video production of Heltzel’s View!
, 04 May 2014

Zach Heltzel political video talk show

LiberalBias.com is proud to present: Our regular column “Heltzel’s View” will now be coming to you in the form of a weekly Youtube talk show.

This Congressional map proves Benghazi was NOT caused by a video!
, 30 Apr 2014

Benghazi was completely different from all of the other protests caused by a video. It was caused by Obama's incompetence

This graph has been taken straight from the Congressional report “Recent Protests in Muslim Countries: Background and Issues for Congress” (PDF). It proves beyond any doubt that Benghazi is completely different from the dozens of other protests going on throughout the Middle East at the same time, all in protest to an American video, but


Cliven Bundy, born on a Monday…
, 25 Apr 2014

Clivan Bundy, born on a Monday

A poem about Cliven Bundy, based off of an old English nursery rhyme.

The REAL Obamacare approval numbers!
, 24 Apr 2014

Support for Obamacare

These are the actual really true approval numbers for Obamacare over the last eight months based on ABC News/Washington Post poll data. You will hear liberals in the liberally biased media saying that Obamacare’s approval is getting stronger, but obviously this is a lie. Just look at this graph! We would like to thank the


QUIZ: In the global warming debate, what does 28% represent?
, 16 Apr 2014

Take the quiz!

Today’s pop quiz topic is global warming.  Today’s pop quiz question is…   After you have voted, you can find the correct answer by clicking here.

Every single statistic on sex-based pay inequality has LIBERAL BIAS!
, 09 Apr 2014

Wage gap by income level

Conservatives all know the supposed “gender gap” in income is a myth.  Unfortunately, when we tried to find actual statistics to support this conservative claim… we found that EVERY SINGLE STATISTIC on gender-based inequality somehow supports the liberal view that there really is pay discrimination based on sex. Talk about LIBERAL BIAS!!! For example, Rep. Lynn


Five reasons to love Paul Ryan’s newest Budget!
, 02 Apr 2014

Serious Budget

Paul Ryan has a history of producing the bestest budgets that solve all of the world’s problems. They are filled with awesomesauce and can be expected to end all poorness and debt by the year 2050. Unfortunately, big mean liberals have not actually allowed any of his previous budgets to get any further than the


Hobby Lobby pays to kill innocent babies by forced abortion in China
, 27 Mar 2014

When Hobby Lobby buys products made in China it is exactly as if they are forcing Chinese women to have abortions.

Hobby Lobby says they are Christian. They say they love God. They claim that the reason they don’t want to pay for employee health insurance is that some of that money might end up paying for someone’s abortion, and they hate abortion. This is their argument: 1) If we pay for health insurance for our


Obamacare: conservative logic versus liberal facts
, 26 Mar 2014


You are a conservative. You know how to use your brain. You believe things because you have thought them through, and they make sense to you. They seem logical. Unlike liberals, who believe things that totally make NO SENSE AT ALL, just because they have “statistics” to back them up. Nowhere is difference between conservatives


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