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Dumb liberals think human beings are fish

Global Warming Myth

Recently the ultra-left wing fringe communist website Media Matters criticized Fox News for their in-depth debunking of the “Global Warming” myth. The only thing sadder than liberals claiming “Global Warming” is liberals explaining away the PROOF that Global Warming is false.

Daily Mail reporter David Rose completely debunked the myth of Global Warming in every way, and this was covered extensively by the expert incisive reporters on “Fox & Friends”. Of course, this is when the Left Wing Hate Machine unleashes their demon attack dogs from hell to try to defame and drag through the mud anyone and anything that disagrees with their radical socialist agenda!!!111

There are too many things wrong with this Media Matters “hit piece” to even bother going through them all, so we will just focus on one point: the above graph.  According to the slimy Media Matters Article Of Lies,

Another problem with Rose’s analysis is that looking solely at atmospheric temperatures ignores a number of other indicators that global warming is happening… As the graph below shows, the global ocean has been warming considerably during the time that atmospheric temperatures appear to have stalled.

So in other words, supposed “global warming” is going on in the oceans but not in the air.



People aren’t fish. Why do liberals not have any common sense?

Plus, if it’s just in the oceans you can’t really call it “global” warming, can you? It’s just “water warming.” What possible difference could that make?


graph found via: MediaMatters.org

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