Mitt Romney was right about all you deadbeat losers.

Deadbeat Loser Graph

Mitt Romney has gotten a lot of flack about saying 47% of the people are pathetic losers. Well, he was right. In fact, according to some estimates 96% of you are deadbeat leeches and should just go F yourselves. Deal with it.

The above graph makes it clear that many of you who claim to be good conservatives living the American Way are actually low-life scum sucking off the government teat. Look at the huge percentage of people who claim to be do-it-yourself, hard-working Americans who actually secretly are taking money from communist programs like the “Home Mortgage Interest Deduction.” See how many people claim that they are responsible for their own success while underhandedly sucking money from the system through student loans and lifetime learning tax credits. Losers! Traitors! Scum!

I know it’s not a popular thing to say in an election year, but Real Conservatives will be behind this.  In fact, when Kenyan Muslim Socialist Barack Obama wins the upcoming election, I predict that all of our great leaders, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Jesus Christ, will go on local radio stations across the country to agree with that we at Liberal Bias are stating here and now: the reason Obama won is because most Americans have devolved into losers who Ronald Reagan and the other Founding Fathers would be ashamed of.

Are you one of those sickening lowlifes who uses a mortgage interest deduction in your taxes? Deadbeat lowlife slug!

Does your employer make a tax-free contribution to your health-insurance plan? You are nothing more than a festering gob, you tit! Your type makes me puke!

A real conservative doesn’t take socialist tax deductions. That’s for poor people and racial minorities. If you take a single deduction on your taxes then Mitt Romney will see you with his All-Seeing Eye and know that you are a simpering whining leech sucking life and other vital fluids from the virtuous wealthy people that made this country great. And you’re probably part foreign, to boot.

So suck it up and deal. Real conservatives know that not only welfare and food stamps, but also mortgage deductions, student loans, and Veteran’s benefits are all for WEAK PUSSIES.


Anybody who tells you anything differently is just suffering from liberal bias!!!


Graph Data Source: Social and governmental issues and participation study, 2008
Graph Found Vial: The Century Foundation

3 Replies to “Mitt Romney was right about all you deadbeat losers.”

  1. I agree that the benefits and socialist system needs to go. However people can’t choose not to pay tax so I can’t blame them for taking the socialist payouts if they’re offered them since most workers end up worse off in the end anyway. Should they have their pay taken them by force through taxation and then allow it all to be given to total bludgers instead of claiming some of it back themselves?

  2. Lol. Your initial link compares people keeping their income via deductions with people receiving direct government aid. Nice try.

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