Death Valley has a liberal bias!

Happy Christian Valley.

Death Valley has recently been declared the hottest place on earth.

There is something fishy going on here, and it smells a lot like liberal bias.

Consider these questions: Who might benefit from people associating something negative like “Death” with high temperatures? What agenda might be served by ramming down the public’s throats the idea the things being “hot” means something negative or hurtful?  Could this possibly be part of a sinister plot by environmentalists and liberal scientists to further promote the agenda of the fake and completely made-up “global warming” ruse?

We’re just asking the question.

Obviously, liberals would love it if everyone associated high temperatures with death and destruction. It is part of their plan to subjugate humanity through fear and weather.


In order to combat this sinister form of liberal bias, please check the box below to sign our online petition to immediately re-name “Death Valley” to “Happy Christian Valley”.  That way, on the off chance that the planet is actually getting warmer, people will know that it’s God’s will and will be happy about it.

  • YES! I agree that “Death Valley” should be renamed “Happy Christian Valley” in order to promote conservative values and combat the evil liberal bias of climate science.

Thank you for your support.


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