Government spending has a liberal bias!

Liberal Spending

Those of us who listen to reliable news sources like Fox News and Sean Hannity’s radio program know that the vast majority of the federal debt was caused by Obama, and that he’s racked up more debt than every other president combined.

Yet due to obvious prejudice against these basic facts, numerical measurements of the debt seem to show that President Bush increased federal spending more than 10 times President Obama.

Obviously these numerical measurements have a liberal bias!

Source: Budget of the United States Government, Historical Tables Fiscal Year 2012
Via: The Immoral Minority

2 Replies to “Government spending has a liberal bias!”

  1. Consider nthaat the libs have controlled Congress for 60 of the last 80 years, you might have something there. Note that the last 2 years of BushII, the libs controlled Congress and did what they do best….spend lavishly and frivolously….just sayin’. Kinda an eye opener huh?

    1. Dear Fellow Conservative:

      Please refrain from further use of any phrases such as “60 of the last 80 years.” That implies that life existed before the Obama presidency.

      The current Official Strategy is to blame EVERYTHING ON OBAMA.

      Did you not get the memo?

      Thank you for your cooperation.

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