Happy Communism Day

Happy Communist Day, Liberals.

Happy Communism Day, Liberals.  Today is your day to party… to Communist Party, that is.

Labor Day was started in this country like 100 years ago when some Union Thugs were acting up, striking and rioting and generally being ungrateful to the job creators who so kindly allowed them to be alive. So these Union Terrorists basically got themselves in some trouble and some of them died or whatever, and so the wimpy liberal government at the time decided to “honor” them by declaring a day to celebrate “workers” and the so-called “labor movement.” What a bunch of hogwash.

So basically it’s a leftist, socialist anti-success holiday.  It perpetuates corrupting liberal values.  Republicans getting banned from parades.  People not being allowed to wear white.  NOT ALLOWED TO WEAR WHITE. See how racist liberals try to control every aspect of your life?

If you are a union thug, you probably like Labor Day. Well, you know who else probably liked Labor Day?  Hitler.  Think about that.

So today, if you want to be a Real American, try celebrating “Labor Day” by being thankful that there are sweet, kind, generous rich people out there who care enough about your “Labor” to give you a little money once in a while.

That’s the true Conservative Way.



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