You should believe it’s a non-recovery because I say so.

Bush vs Obama Recoveries

Everybody knows that Obama is a failure, specifically because there is no economic recovery going on. We hear this on Fox News, we hear this from Rush Limbaugh, we hear this from Sean Hannity, so obviously it must be true. Sean Hannity has also patiently explained that this specific recovery is doing much worse than ANY OTHER recovery in the known history of the universe.

So what is going on with the above graph?

This graph seems to show that if you look specifically at private sector jobs (which all good conservatives know are the only jobs that matter), the Obama recovery is larger, faster, and stronger than  the recovery after the George W. Bush recession!

These numbers contradict the fact that Obama sucks more than anyone else, and therefore must logically be incorrect.  The other possibility is that Bush was not a real conservative.

Either way, these statistics clearly must be ignored on account of their clear liberal bias!!!


Graph Found Via: The Atlantic

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