Investor uncertainty has a liberal bias!

Tax Uncertainty

Everybody knows that having a Democrat in the White House makes investors hoard their cash and destroy the economy. That is why it is critical that we elect a Republican into a White House as soon as possible, so that rich people can sigh a collective sigh of relief and start hiring people.

The logic is, of course, irrefutable, and it goes like this:

1) Democrats always want to raise taxes, even when they say they don’t.
2) Raising taxes makes job creators skittish, scared, and uncertain.
3) Job creators are like small, furry woodland creatures. They need to be soothed and kept safe. Raising taxes on them makes them angry.
4) Angry people don’t create jobs
5) Therefore, even the mere thought of increased taxes when a Democrat is president is enough to frighten the poor, frightened, skittish Job Creators into completely wrecking the economy.

How can anybody argue with that?

Anyway, all of this is obviously true.  So what is wrong with the above graph?

The above graph measures economic uncertainty based on the amount of money that is actually at risk due to changing tax laws, and plots it as a function of time.  On the graph, we have highlighted the economic uncertainty red during Republican presidencies and blue during Democratic presidencies.

Clearly there is something wrong with these numbers. If these numbers are to be believed, the greatest increases in economic uncertainty have happened during Republican presidencies, and economic uncertainty has generally remained flat during Democratic presidencies!


When numbers and data seem to contradict good, old conservative logic, there is obviously only one answer:  the numbers and data suffer from a liberal bias!!!!


graph data source: The Economic Policy Uncertainty Project
graph found via:

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