European unemployment weirdly contradicts conservative values!

Biased Unemployment Numbers

This graph compares the tax rate on the highest income earners in several European countries to the unemployment rates in those countries. We also threw in the good ol’ U.S.A  just for comparison.

As we all know, one of the most fundamental facts that is unquestionably true about conservative economics is that lowering taxes on the rich will cause unemployment to drop, because rich people will say, “Oh Noes, look at all of this extra money I have! I must hire people immediately!”

And yet somehow, the above graph does not seem to reveal this fact.  Weirdly, the graph seems to show absolutely no relationship at all between the top income tax rate that a country has and the unemployment rate that the country has!



Clearly, something is up. Since it is logically impossible for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to be wrong, there is only one other possibility: the European Countries’ unemployment numbers must be wrong.

Conservative Values!Luckily, we were able to remove the errors from this data, and produce the ideologically correct conservative graph to the right. (Click to enlarge.)

If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and all of the other great conservative thinkers are correct–and they undoubtedly are–then THIS is what the graph should look like!!  Notice the clear relationship that shows that increasing taxes on the rich increases unemployment, while decreasing taxes on the rich decreases unemployment.  That is what the graph should show!

These new unemployment numbers have been estimated using the same methods that Paul Ryan used to create his budget. These methods are known to be Ideologically Pure, and not encumbered by liberal bias.

Now, naturally, Sweden and Denmark might be shocked to discover that they actually have unemployment rates of more than 25%.  Bet they didn’t realize that. But hey, that’s the punishment you get when you tax the job creators.

In this corrected and unbiased, ideologically approved conservative graph, there is a clear relationship between top income rates and unemployment just like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are always talking about!  This is what a good graph should look like!!

Obviously, the first graph can be ignored. Only look at the second  “adjusted” graph.

What of the first graph?  Well… by refusing to reflect the values that we all have been told by our conservative leaders, it is clearly exhibiting a liberal bias!!!!


Graph Data Source: 2012 Eurostat Data (top graph only)
Data Found Via:

3 Replies to “European unemployment weirdly contradicts conservative values!”

  1. Nice to see a conservative article of faith taken down. Now, to test a liberal article of faith, take these same countries and plot top income tax rate against the GINI coefficient (i.e., a measure of inequality). The R-square is .00031. So, really, the Tea Party and Occupy X crowds are obsessed with the wrong things.

  2. Why do people compare the United States with the European Union all the time?
    A part of the explanation that some eu-countries such as sweden (where I live btw) have a low unemployment rate today is that there has been tax-cuts before. Also a lot of people have been stuck on welfare and the socialized security web.
    Because the thing is, if you quit elementary school by 16 and haven’t got a job by 20, there’s a great risk of becoming an early retired senior. That way it looks like few people are without work, while really 25 000 young adults are unemployed, only that they live as retired ones, meaning that it does not show in the official statistics. An easy way to bring home the bacon. Luckily the current center-right government have made firing (and hiring) easier, deregulated the markets, dropped real estate taxes and saluting free trade. In fact, since ’06 when the social democrats lost power, the average swede has started to work an hour more or so every week.
    I certainly hope that Mr Romney and Mr Ryan brings freedom, faith and families back to the agenda by winning this fall.

    Greetings from Stockholm

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