International Reading Tests have a liberal bias!

Biased Reading Scores

Sometimes you see a graph that just makes you want to say, “Excuse me, graph, but why do you hate America?” That’s what you should think when you see the above graph.

This graph shows the relationship between average reading scores for students (the vertical position) and the average pay of teachers (the horizontal position) and compares different countries.  The reading score is based on something called the “Programme for International Student Assessment” and the teacher pay is shown as a ratio of teacher salaries to the GDP per capita of the country they are in.

If we were to take this graph seriously–and I assure you that THAT is not going to happen–it would suggest that the United States not only pays teachers a lot less than other civilized countries but also our students are a lot more illiterate than those in other countries.  If you were an irrational Godless liberal, you might even think that there could be a causal relationship between these two things.


First of all, why should to trust the reading scores coming from people who don’t even know how to spell the word “program”?

Second of all, more spending on teachers means more socialism, which is why Korea is doing so well. You don’t want to give up your liberty for a stupid thing like literacy, do you? I thought not.

Finally, who cares if sissy countries like Finland have kids who can read? I bet we could beat them up. So there.

Clearly, this graph is just one more source of anti-American propaganda and liberal bias!!!!


Graph Data Source: OECD Analysis
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4 Replies to “International Reading Tests have a liberal bias!”

  1. Two points:

    1) I’m surprised the US numbers are so high.

    2) These numbers surely must be blamed on teachers unions, tenure, and the lack of prayer in public schools. Not to mention the teaching of godless, socialist Darwinism. And then there’s the pledge of allegiance to the flag which students don’t say anymore. And that rap music the kids listen to today causes brain damage.

    3 My property taxes are too high.

  2. The PISA is administered to students in 70 nations, testing both math and reading. Why are so few nations depicted in this graph? Why isn’t there a comparable graph for math? Could it be a LIBERAL BIAS?

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