Income quintiles have a liberal bias

Liberal Tax Hikes

When a liberal looks at this graph, she sees “evidence” that the Republican tax plan would raise taxes on poor people while the Democrat tax plan would raise taxes on rich people.

But when I look at this graph, all I see is…… CLASS WARFARE!!!!

There is a very important lesson that this graph can teach you, despite it being infected with liberal bias.

The lesson is this: Any time you see any graph that divides up the data by “quintiles” (as shown at the bottom of this graph), you should stop looking at the graph immediately and simply say this:

That is class warfare,  WHY DO YOU HATE SUCCESS??

All of this “quintile” nonsense is just a fancy, elitist way of saying “I’m going to compare rich people to poor people” and we all know that no good can come of that sort of thing.

Quintiles = Liberal Bias

Everything else can be ignored.

Graph Data Source: Tax Policy Center
Graph Found Via: The Century Foundation

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