Lying graph implies that Romney would raise taxes

Misleading Romney Tax Plan Graph

If you were to believe the data in this graph, you might get the idea that Mitt Romney’s tax plan would result in an increase in taxes on middle-class and poor Americans, while only decreasing taxes for the most wealthy people in America.¬† Since only liberals raise taxes, doesn’t that mean that Mitt Romney is therefore a secret under-cover liberal?

Possibly. However, this graph is still very misleading for the following reasons:

1) What this graph calls “tax increases” is actually the result of Romney eliminating socialist tax-deduction programs that allowed poor people to pay lower taxes for the wrong reasons, like because they wanted to get educations or they are too poor to afford stuff. Therefore, even though the taxes on the poor people are increasing, they are not technically “tax increases” because poor lazy entitlement Kenyan socialism welfare etc.

2) The only taxes that matter are the taxes on the rich people because those are the people who create jobs. Have you ever gotten a job from a poor person? No. Therefore, the only lines that matter are the top lines, which are decreasing. The bottom lines might be increasing but that doesn’t matter because poor lazy entitlement Kenyan¬† socialism welfare etc.

3) Finally, notice that the lines are moving closer together. The system that Romney is moving us toward is more “fair” because “fair” is defined as everyone paying exactly the same tax rate. Some liberals might point out that a cheeseburger is 2% of the daily income of a person who is getting paid minimum wage and a cheeseburger is 0.0000000002% of the daily income of Mitt Romney, BUT THAT DOESN’T MATTER. They should still both pay exactly the same tax rate. Because that’s fair. How do we know? Because we defined “fair” as “paying the same tax rate.” It’s common sense.

So do not let the above graph deceive you: what it is really telling you is that Romney’s Tax Plan will DECREASE EVERYONE’S TAXES (everyone that matters, anyway).

Anybody who tells you anything else is just spreading liberal bias!!!!


Graph Data Source: Tax Policy Center
Graph Found Via: The Century Foundation

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