Cumulative CO2 emissions have a liberal bias!

Biased Emissions Graph

This un-American graph is a perfect example of the kind of sick deception that liberals engage in. Found on some lunatic-fringe, unknown liberal website called “ABC News“, which obviously has no credibility, this graph seems to suggest that when you look at the cumulative CO2 emissions over the last quarter century, the United States is responsible for the largest part of these emissions!

Now, everyone knows that global warming is a myth and that CO2 is a very natural and good substance that God loves. But let’s get one thing straight…

Even if….

Now, remember: global warming is 100% FALSE.

But…. EVEN IF, through some weird freakish impossible turn of events, it turned out that global warming IS happening….

In other words….

EVEN IF, hypothetically, global warming turned out, somehow, against all odds, to be true…

…then it certainty wasn’t AMERICA’S FAULT!  Duh!

In fact, our in-depth research and flawless instincts allow us, here at, to make the following prediction:

If, at some point in the future, Global Warming starts to happen, it will because of all of the communism going on in China, and will not be because of the virtuous liberty and freedom that is emitted in carbon form from U.S. coal plants.

For evidence, we have this chart:

America Rules!

This chart clearly shows that recently, China has been producing emissions at the highest rate in the world.  Therefore, in much the same way that Obama is responsible for the ENTIRE national debt now that he is president, it is only logical that right now China is responsible for ALL emissions-related global warming problems.

I mean… if they existed.

Which they don’t.

Anyway, the point is that you should only pay attention to the second graph, above, because the first one is just filled with liberal bias!!!!!


 Graphs found via: ABCNews Technology Blog

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