The slippery slope of Facebook gay marriage icons

Liberal Facebook Gay Marriage Icons

Culture is a slippery slope, and “equal rights” are the lube.

Nothing makes this more clear than the issue of same-sex marriage, or homo-sexual marriage, or “we’ll bang whoever we want” marriage, or whatever the kids are calling it these days.

Time and time again, there have been graphs showing that acceptance of gay marriage is increasing over time, that younger people are more accepting of gay marriage than old people, and that society is on an inevitable slide towards gay marriage.

Liberally Biased Facebook IconsFor good conservatives, this is a sad thing to behold. The most recent blow to traditional values, of course, comes in the form of the new Facebook gay marriage icons.  Look at how ridiculous things have become.

Some people might say, “They are just icons, who cares?” Other people might say, “Facebook is the work of Satan anyway, what do you expect?” Still others might say, “How could the mere existence of icons recognizing a legal relationship that is recognized in several states possibly be objectionable?”

WELL, IT IS!!!!!

If you don’t understand why these icons should strike fear into your heart, then I beseech you to examine the above table of new proposed Facebook icons that could be released in the near future if this slippery slope towards liberalism is not stopped.

Look at it.  LOOK AT IT!!!

Is this what you really want?


Please write to Facebook immediately and demand that they put and end to their secret development of polygamist necrophiliac robot-dog marriage icons!!!


7 Replies to “The slippery slope of Facebook gay marriage icons”

  1. Wait – let me get out my tiny violin so I can play “My Heart Cries for You” – or until I can find some idiot who will take you seriously! My god, whoever you are – get a fucking life! And get over yourself!!! Who the hell died and made you the center of the universe?

  2. I am all for freedom, of expression, sexuality and icons. I am also 113% with polygamy, polyamory, open relationships, cheating husbands, drug abuse, mass murder .. pretty much anything .. as long as it is not GAY!

    I hope I did well after attending first session of ‘Become Straight, Commit Any Sin, You’ll be forgiven, Be born gay, do no crime, you’ll be damned to hell’ training session.

    That Is All.

    Be Well, Do Well and Spread Smiles


  3. I’m dismayed at the absence of a Rick Perry icon in the proposed collection. I would think, with Texas being the third largest state in terms of population, I would think such an icon would be well received. It’s clear that Governor Perry himself is no iconoclast.

  4. Gay marriage is an agreement, a contract, between two adults who consent to get married. How can you compare gay marriage to the other categories such bestiality married. At least your dog can think, agree, and sign a contract. Whenever that is the case, let me know.
    Please think.

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