Mark Levin proves that unemployment is really 50%

Real Unemployment

Radical left-wing media organizations all over the country reported last week that unemployment in June 2012 was 8.2%.  This is a liberal lie, designed to make people think that the entire world isn’t about to collapse under the evil dictatorship that is the Obama presidency. Well, we are here to tell you that they are wrong, and the world is about to collapse, and it is all Obama’s fault.

More specifically, on Mark Levin’s radio show this past Friday, he outlined two very strong and rational arguments that prove that the 8.2% unemployment number is a lie:

First, Mark Levin very wisely said this: You don’t need a government agency to tell you how well the economy is doing. You can just look around you. Use your own eyes. Does everything look perfect to you? Is everyone happy? Obviously not! Therefore, there is no recovery. (These were not his exact words but that was the gist of his argument, and it makes sense to me.)

Second, Mark Levin sagely pointed out that the 8.2% number is a fiction that was invented by Democrats, and that it excludes people who are under employed, or part-time employed, or who have given up looking for work because they feel discouraged.  If you include people who are employed part time but wish they were employed full time, and you include people feel so unhappy that they have given up looking for work, then the number is actually 14.5%, and that is practically 15%.


But wait! There’s more.

Not only do we  agree with this line of reasoning, we do not think Mark Levin has gone far enough.

Using exactly the same logic that Mark Levin uses, we believe it is reasonable to include yet more people who have been irrationally excluded from the unemployment statistic.

After all, if it makes sense to include people who are working part time who could be working full time, then why not also include people who are working one job but could be working two jobs?

If you include people who feel discouraged about looking for work, why not also include people who are unhappy at the jobs that they have?

If you dig deeply enough, there are all kinds of groups that we can add to the “unemployment” statistic to make it higher more realistic!

Our team of researchers at has done an in-depth analysis using the “Mark Levin line of reasoning,” and have determined that if you include ALL unemployed people, under-employed people, part-time employed people, unhappily-employed people, people who could be working 2 jobs but actually are working only 1 job, and people who are employed but spend most of their time playing golf, and so on, then the REAL unemployment rate is more like 46.8%…. and that is nearly 50%!!!

Although Mark Levin has not actually made this specific argument, he is a smart man and we are sure he would agree with this line reasoning. We know what is in his heart.

So, why aren’t other media outlets reporting this disgraceful Obama unemployment rate of 50%?

Clearly, it must be because they have liberal bias!!!!!


Graph Data Source: this graph has been created for illustrative purposes only. Liberal “actual” data was not used.

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