Life expectancy has a liberal bias!

Biased Health Care Costs

This graph has been used by liberals to deceptively suggest that there is something wrong with the United States healthcare system. According to this graph, the United States pays by far more than any other country per capita on health care, even though it is fairly low on the list for average life expectancy. Even worse, the Unites States and Cuba have almost the same average life expectancies, even though the United States pays the most per capita and Cuba pays the least!

Mark my words, now that the liberally-biased Supreme Court has upheld the anti-freedom Obamacare law, liberals will be parading around stuff like this as an argument for Obamacare.  “Look!” they will say, “Cuba is spending almost nothing and life expectancy is just as high there as it is here! We should adopt Obamacare because it is socialist and anti-freedom, just like Cuba is!”  Those will probably not be their exact words, but that will be what they really mean.

At any rate, this graph is clearly misleading in a number of ways.  First of all, “life expectancy” isn’t nearly as important as things like Freedom and Liberty.  Sure, America pays more than 10 times what Cuba pays per capita, and sure people in both countries live to be about the same age on average (77 years), but here we have LIBERTY, and in Cuba they do not. So that makes it all ok.

Plus, this graph doesn’t take into account the fact that everyone in the world is jealous of us. I don’t really know what that means, or how it can be proven or measured. But every time the topic of health care in foreign countries comes up, Rush Limbaugh makes sure to say that other countries are jealous of our system. Therefore, I know that it must be both true and relevant.

In the end, it’s clear that “life expectancy” is one of those wishy-washy, ambiguous, touchy-feely outcome measurements that doesn’t really matter.  What really matters is FREEDOM, not life expectancy, and when you put FREEDOM on a graph, you can see that America is BEST!

Anyone who says any differently is just giving you liberal bias….


Graph Found Via: UC Atlas of Global Inequality

2 Replies to “Life expectancy has a liberal bias!”

  1. I love the site, and I agree with this post … but my problem is with the specific graph. It’s certainly way punchier (and makes the differences in figures more dramatic) to only show the age range from 74-82 years old. It would be more accurate, though, to show it from 0 to 82.

    I know, I know, it’s not your graph. But you’ve got a comment system and the UC Atlas does not, so you get the gripe.

    Excellent work otherwise!

    1. I actually agree with you: both axes (left and right) have this problem, and it creates the illusion that the differences (as percentages of total) are larger than they are.

      That being said, sometimes you have to do this kind of thing in order for differences to be seen. Sometimes it can’t be helped… although you’re right: more attention on the graph should be drawn to the way the axes are bounded.

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