Australian rock art has liberal bias (+ gay animal butt sex)!

Liberal Rock Art

Radical left-wing communist media organization Fox News has recently reported that some scribbles on some rocks in Australia are 28,000 years old.

It is fine if they present this as a “theory” that some “scientists” have. However, if they were really a fair and balanced news organization, as they claim, they would have also presented the argument that the world is only 6,000 years old and that these rock pictures were drawn by a race of evil demons called the lamia (which are mentioned in the Bible!).  The lamia were the earliest examples of evil and therefore liberals, so it is no surprise that they would be planting fictional evidence to try to make people think that the world is older than it really is.

Gay Animal Butt Sex Rock ArtHow can we tell that these cave drawings were created by liberal demons?  Look at a close-up of this highlighted section to the left!


I’m not sure, but it sure looks anti-Family to me.

This entire rock picture is very suspicious, and it is clear that whenever it was made, it was drawn by liberals. I have added the appropriate speech bubble in the original picture to signify this fact.

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