Mitt Romney’s birth certificate has a liberal bias!


Mitt Romney Forged Birth Certificate

Recently, a number of very alarming questions have arisen regarding Mitt Romney’s birth certificate.

The problem IS NOT that we suspect that Mitt Romney might not be born in the United States. That would be ridiculous, since he’s white, has a completely normal American name (“Willard”) and can’t dance. He’s clearly American.

The problem IS NOT that his father was born in Mexico but ran for President of the United States, because first of all who cares? And second of all, that was totally a long time ago.

However, we cannot help but noticing a suspicious pattern: a set of similarities between Mitt Romney’s released birth certificate, and the completely discredited and invalid birth certificate released by Barack Obama.

1) Mitt Romney has only released his “Certificate of Live Birth”.  Many people have pointed out that when Barack Obama released his “Certificate of Live Birth” that this is not the same thing as a long-form birth certificate and that therefore Obama is a foreign spy.  Since that is obviously true, why would Mitt Romney release the same discredited document?

2) Mitt Romney’s birth certificate says that it was issued January 18, 2012. Many people have pointed out that since Barack Obama’s supposed birth certificate was only printed very recently, it is likely to be forged or created after-the-fact, and is therefore invalid. Since that argument is obviously correct, why would Mitt Romney also produce a document that was just printed this year?

3) Mitt Romney’s birth certificate is weirdly cropped and doesn’t have a border that goes all the way around it.  Many people have criticized the copy of Barack Obama’s birth certificate that appeared on the web, on the grounds that it looked like it was scanned poorly and therefore absolutely must be a forgery. Since that argument is clearlyl flawless in its reasoning, why would Mitt Romney produce a similarly flawed digital image of his birth certificate?

The conclusion is clear!  This document is NOT MITT ROMNEY’S REAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE!

Instead, it is a forgery created by liberals, with deliberate flaws introduced in order to call Mitt Romney’s eligibility for office into question.

We must start a campaign to demand that Mitt Romney publish his original, printed-in-1947, long-form birth certificate, because the document above is obviously the product of liberal bias!!

image source: Huffington Post


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