Sneaky abortion statistics contradict conservative pundit

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Sometimes I watch MSNBC, simply because it is important to understand what the enemy is doing. You should not attempt this. Only in the hands of a trained responsible professional, such as myself, is this a safe practice. When in doubt, you should do nothing but watch Fox News and read

However, recently I was watching MSNBC, when one of their Satan-worshipping hosts was interviewing a very brave, honest conservative pundit whose name I happen to forget and whom I’ve never actually heard of before but he seemed nice.  The host was trying to imply that America is getting more liberal, just because support for Homo Sexual Marriage has been increasing over the last 10 years or so.

The very wise conservative pundit replied by saying that Homo Sexual Marriage is just one indicator, and that there are other indicators that indicate that the country is becoming more conservative. He gave an example, saying that America has been growing more pro-life in recent years, probably because of increased technology allowing us to view fetuses better.

Let me tell you, I sighed a breath of relief!  This wise, honest man told me that America is becoming more pro-life. At least THAT is something conservatives can be happy about.

But then, along comes the above graph from a PEW Research Poll, telling me that it isn’t true!!!!


In situations like this, it can be difficult to know what to believe. Do you believe the nice, honest, friendly conservative man on the television set? Or do you believe some collection of emotionless, suspicious numbers that are tough to understand?

Obviously, when liberal “data” and conservative truths seem to contradict each other, there can be only one answer: the so-called “data” is suffering from a liberal bias!!!!


graph source: PEW Research
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  1. Your site and article make my neo-conservative friends so happy that they almost stop breathing. Then the joy makes their faces get all red. Sometimes, they get SO incredibly joyful they have to repeatedly slam their fists against the nearest hard surface. Thank you for helping me bring joy to the hearts and minds, tiny as they might be, of my conservative buddies.

    -Jennifer P.

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