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"Reality has a well-known liberal bias." 

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Data proves Republicans are more in touch

Liberal Infographic

Just look at the blatant disgusting liberal bias in the title of the above graph: “The Dumbing Down of Congress.”

According to a recent study by the ultra-left wing communist organization “The Sunlight Foundation,”  it seems that not only has the “grade level” of speeches given by congress members decreased in recent years, but Republicans also seem to have a lower “grade level” than Democrats do.  If you buy into the radical, left-wing implications of the title, this means that congress is “dumbing down” and that Republicans are dumber (or at least, their speeches are) than Democrats.


First of all, “Dumbing” isn’t even a word.  Get a brain, morans.

Second of all, notice one important detail that the infographic fails to highlight:

Democrats speak at a 10.8 grade level
Republicans speak at a 10.4 grade level
The Average American speaks at between an 8 and 9 grade level!

In other words, Republican are closer to the Average American than Democrats are! In other words, Republicans are more in touch with the people. In other words, America is obviously a conservative country.

According to an interesting graph that can be found as part of the deeper analysis of the study, the lowest grade levels can be found among the most extremely conservative members of congress:

By Party and Seniority

This make the case even more obvious: the more extremely conservative the politician is, the more he is similar to the Average American.

THERE IS ONLY ONE CONCLUSION:  The only way to make this country a true Democracy that represents the Average American, therefore, is to only vote for the most extreme conservatives possible.

Anything else is just liberal bias!!!

graph source: Sunlight Foundation


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    Well, I’m sure that was inadvertent.

    Because I’ve blogged about ‘Twitter Etiquette’.



  2. Wait! You’re a thrice-damned LeftLibProgg! Why the hell did I follow your sorry ass in the first place?

    I’ll fix that right now…

  3. Derek

    Morans isn’t a word either dumbass.

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