Do liberals actually cause global warming?

Biased Temperature

Liberals have been circulating the above graph to support their false and ridiculous claim that global warming exists.  It seems to show that the average temperature in the United States has been gradually increasing over the last 100 years. Luckily, we have conclusively debunked this myth in our previous articles: Ice has liberal bias! and Temperature has liberal bias!

However, in exploring the data presented in the above graph, our highly skilled investigative and research team has uncovered something even more sinister!

Suppose for a moment that the global warming depicted in the above graph is real. What is causing it? Our researchers were able to uncover extremely secret and hidden data, by using the form on the NOAA website, that demonstrates conclusively that global warming is worse in liberal states than in conservative states!

For example, in radical ultra-liberal Massachusetts, the average annual change in temperature over the last 100 years was 1.9°F:

Liberal Temperature

On the other hand, in good honest conservative Texas, where real Americans live, the average annual change in temperature over the last 100 years was only 0.2°F:

Conservative Temperature

Could it be that being liberal is actually causing global warming?

Is it possible that conservative beliefs are actually protecting conservative states from the wrath of God?

Do these data suggest that all of the complaining about global warming that liberals do is actually making it worse?

It may be impossible to know for sure… but the graphs certainly are compelling!

graph & data source: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
graph found via:

One Reply to “Do liberals actually cause global warming?”

  1. My liberal friends scoffed at this study. To prove your point, I’ve decided to conduct an experiment.

    At Noon/Central Time on May 22, I’m going to the local Democratic Primary polling location to pass out marijuana cigarettes.

    Get ready to measure Arkansas.

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