College education causes homosexual desire

Biased College EducationsLiberals deliberately misinterpret this map to advance their liberal agenda.

This graph shows that the counties that voted against Amendment One, the amendment to protect marriage from homosexuals, were also the counties in which more people had college educations.

If you ask a liberal what this graph means, they will concoct some kind of crazy theory, like this: going to college teaches people to use logic and reason, people who use logic and reason understand that there is no rational argument against gay marriage, and as a result people who went to college support gay marriage.

Or, they will invent some irrational fantasy explanation, like this: people who go to college are exposed to more diversity, people who are exposed to diversity become more empathic and understanding of social differences, and therefore people who went to college are more sympathetic to gay people and want to let them get married.

These are the arguments of a deranged, illogical liberal mind.

First of all, who decided that “diversity” and “open-mindedness” were good things, anyway? That sounds like the kind of thing they would indoctrinate people to believe in some kind of cult. When a liberal says that “open-mindedness” is a good thing, you should just say: “Is that what your liberal college professor overlords have indoctrinated you to think?”

Think about it this way: open-mindedness means a lack of conviction, and a lack of conviction comes from a lack of morals, and a lack of morals is what causes society to collapse. In other words, open-mindedness is what causes society to collapse.

Second of all, what is so “rational” about thinking that marriage between a man and a man should be viewed the same as a marriage between a man and a woman? That’s like saying that because women can give birth a man should be able to give birth, too. THAT’S RIGHT THE ARGUMENTS ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.  And ridiculous. There is nothing logical about men giving birth.

If you are thinking with a clear and untainted mind, as I am, the obvious true explanation of this map is very simple and very logical: when students go to college they are put into to top-secret liberal indoctrination camps where they are taught to be homosexual and to desire gay marriage.

I mean think about it. What else could it be?


5 Replies to “College education causes homosexual desire”

  1. Your logic is very flawed, in my liberal indoctrinated brain. First off, I have never thought that gay marriage is wrong, even before I went onto post-secondary education. For me, it is not an issue. Open-mindedness opens you up to new experiences, new people, and overall a better life. If you had a completely closed off mind you would never try new foods. And lets be honest, that is sad, because different food makes meals a more enjoyable experience. You’ll probably say that this is a ridiculous comparison to make. Well, re-read the ones you made and that’s how I feel about yours. I feel this illustrates my points well.

    Having an open mind does not mean you lack conviction. I know that I have an open mind, something I pride myself on, and I also know that I have strong convictions. I know the difference between right and wrong. I have strong convictions about how you should treat people and will stand up if I see something that goes against my convictions. I have a strong work ethic, full of conviction to reach my goals. And my goals you ask? Help make the world a better place through development and helping those in need. Are those the words of someone contributing to the “downfall of society”? Absolutely not. If anything, I’ll do anything to do the opposite.

    As for your comparison of same sex marriage to men giving birth, I barely know how to respond. That is the worst comparison I have ever heard. Biologically, men cannot give birth. Women can. Men should not be able to give birth because they cannot. That doesn’t mean that same sex marriage is invalid. Marriage is not merely for reproduction of life. If that was the case, it would be mandatory for all women to bear children. What about those who can’t? Or those who choose not to? Are they wrong? Are they in breach of some sort of conviction that you seem to hold so near and dear to your heart? I hope not, because then I’m sad for you.

    For you to say you are thinking about things from an untainted mind, I have to argue the opposite. If you say those with a liberal mind have been indoctrinated, I’d say you have been indoctrinated to keep your mind closed. You’ve been taught only one way to think and make ridiculous accusations that are themselves illogical.

    I really hope this is satire. I really, really hope. But I know my hope is misplaced.

  2. I think you’ve missed the obvious answer that college-indoctrinated liberals are more likely to engage in voter fraud in order to try to make everyone’s marriage gay.

  3. Liberals do not want “everyone’s marriage” to be gay. What most liberals goal is is to allow everyone, no matter their sexual orientation, to marry if they so choose. If you are a man and want to marry a woman, liberals are all for that. If you are the same man and want to marry a man, we’re all for that as well (as examples). Not everyone will want a same sex marriage and liberals will not “force” you into one.

    As for the voter fraud, true liberals want everyone to have the ability to vote for the party they choose and for those who represent their beliefs most closely. It is often conservatives who put in place barriers to obstruct peoples abilities to register to vote/actually vote. Here in Canada, the Conservative Party has been accused of voter fraud by misleading voters in certain ridings as to where their polling station. While the reason was not same-sex marriage, it is an example of conservative voter fraud. There is also a history in the US of conservative voter fraud.

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