graph reveals liberal anti-American agenda

Subliminal Messages

Some of you have seen the above graph that has been circulated by liberals to try to confuse us into thinking that conservatives are not fiscally responsible.

All of their arguments have already been debunked, so I will not waste time doing it again here. Instead, I would like to point out the subliminal propaganda that demonstrates–no, actually proves beyond a shadow of a doubt–that liberals hate America.

Our crack team of specialists, investigative journalists, and political analysis have examined the icons used in the above graph in minute detail, and they have discovered a very interesting pattern: the liberal presidents are showing less of the American Flag in their icons than the conservative presidents!

Just look at these two icons in detail as examples:

Bush Flag IconObama Flag Icon

WHY are the liberal presidents afraid to be associated with the American flag? Are they ashamed to be seen with it? Is it because the want to send a secret message to their foreign friends about whose side they are really on?

Liberals might want to distract you from this issue, by telling you to focus on the “real” substance of the above graph or the “data” that it presents about the national debt.

But every time a liberal shows you this graph, make sure you ask them this: WHAT ABOUT THE FLAGS?

If they don’t want to discuss it, if they pretend to be confused or baffled by the question, there is only one explanation: Liberal bias!!

graph source: Office of the Democratic Leader
data source:  The Treasury Department
graph found

9 Replies to “graph reveals liberal anti-American agenda”

  1. Bravo sir! For too long pixels have displayed their tru liberal, anti-Americun sentiments. Thank you for sheding light on Pixel-Gate as Fox and CNN have yet to vet this issue!

    Proud Americans don’t use pixels!

  2. scheint eine gute Menge an Besuchern zu bekommen. Wie bekommen Sie Traffic auf sie? Es bietet eine nette einzigartige Spin auf die Dinge. Ich denke, mit etwas Reales oder wesentliche zu reden ist das Wichtigste.

  3. What could be more idiotic than a Liberal getting on here and saying that media bias doesn’t exist on the left? What could be more of a lie than saying that Liberals aren’t anti-America? The core values of a liberal scream against the moral character of our Founders. Can they admit to that? No. All they will tell you is “time’s are different now than they were back then”. Is that an excuse to demolish the idea of America and all it’s supposed to stand for? I’ve never understood the idea of killing freedom for “freedom”. Liberal ideology contradicts it’self all the time.

    1. VERY WELL PUT! It’s SO STUPID when Liberals don’t admit everything that I say is true. Their blood is a poisonous stench that the Founding Fathers would use in a Voodoo ceremony of death, if the Finding Fathers did that kind of thing, which they don’t, because they were all good Baptists, just like Jesus!


      Additionally: Satan. Hitler. Kenya.

      The end.

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