Presidential vacations demonstrate liberal failure!

Vacations Show Republican Success

It has come to our attention that some people interpret the above graph incorrectly.

Some people might look at the above graph and think that liberal presidents work harder than conservative presidents. Some people might look at the above graph and think that conservative presidents slack off, or are not as focused on solving America’s problem.


What is the correct interpretation of the above graph?

The correct interpretation is that conservative presidents do such a fantastic and efficient job of running the country, that they can actually afford to take more vacation time.  Liberals, on the other hand, are incompetent fools who don’t deserve any time off.

Do not doubt me on this. If you know how to read between the lines, as I do, you can see that this is the obvious conclusion that this graph leads you to.

Anything else is just liberal bias!!!!!!!


data source: CBS News
graph by: Greg Stevens

3 Replies to “Presidential vacations demonstrate liberal failure!”

  1. riiiiighht… Bush ran the country more than five times efficiently than Clinton. Surrrre he did. Comments like that just completely discredit this rediculous website!

  2. Lmfao we all know what Clinton was doing when he was supposedly “working” in the Oval Office…the fact that he didn’t take vacation is just because he preferred to spend time with Monica rather than with his wife (can you blame him?)…might as well pretend to be working if you can get away with it, right?

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