Titanic movie advocates liberal eco-terrorism!

Liberal Titanic Eco-Terrorist

With the new release of the Titanic movie coming up, there has been a lot of talk about the political subtext and implications of the movie.

Naturally, many people have noticed the very obvious liberal bias in the plot of the movie: it portrays job creators as evil and selfish and denying lifeboats to the lazy free-loading poor people. All of this has, of course, been debunked, and is purely a fabrication of liberal Hollywood.

If that were all there was to it, there would be very little to talk about here.


It is not as obvious, but if you know how to read between the lines, as I do, you can see that in fact this movie is a tribute to the eco-terrorist pagan liberal Goddess of Gaia!!!

Do not doubt me on this.

Here are the facts:

  1. Liberals do not worship God, but liberal environmentalists worship the planet earth (which they refer to using the name of the pagan female goddess “Gaia”).
  2. In the movie Titanic, we see nature taking revenge on the evil industrialist humans that have dared to build a ship that runs on fossil fuels
  3. An iceberg is the perfect metaphor for the earth getting revenge on humans, because liberals claim that icebergs are being “hurt” by global warming.
  4. All liberals hate humans and technology, so you know they are gleefully rooting for the iceberg when they see this movie anyway.

So, to put it in psychological terms, the entire plot of the movie Titanic is a symbolic acting out of liberal hatred and revenge against the industrialized world, in which they personify the spirit of “nature” as a vengeful iceberg that destroys capitalists.

For your contemplation, we present to you a more accurate picture that shows the true subliminal message of the movie:

Liberal Ice Monster

As you can see, the iceberg is, in fact, a personification of a Liberal Monster that hates humanity.  I have added an appropriate speech bubble to indicate this fact.


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