Manufacturing jobs have liberal bias!

Liberal Manufacturing Employment

Republican policies are pro-business and pro-jobs. Everyone knows this. As a result, any sensible statistic should show that businesses and employment boom under Republican presidents and stagnate or deteriorate under Democratic presidents.

Yet somehow, the above graph seems to show that manufacturing jobs plummeted during George Bush’s presidency. Remarkably, the steep decline, with manufacturing jobs disappearing at record rates, began almost the moment George Bush’s policies began to take effect!


I will tell you why: Manufacturing jobs are engaged in a secret liberal plot to make conservatives look bad.  By maliciously declining while George Bush is in power, manufacturing jobs create the illusion that Republicans are bad at creating jobs.

But do not be fooled! It is clear that these manufacturing jobs are completely motivated by liberal bias!!!!!

graph source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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  1. Manufacturing jobs declined during Bush’s years because of the NAFTA mess brought about during Clinton’s tenure. Now I think both sides are greedy idiots, but at least use a little logic if you’re going to spout off.

    1. The bill first came into being in 1986. First draft signed off by George H.W. Bush. Final bill signed by Clinton. This is a bipartisan mess.

      1. It’s not just on Bush and Clinton. Bipartisan support: 34 Republican/27 Democrat Senators. 132 Republcan/102 Democrat House Reps. Again, a bipartisan mess.

    2. Whatever the bi-partisanship of its support, businesses seemed to resist sending away the jobs until a Republican administration took office.
      Also, jobs shipped to China or any other manufacturing site other than Mexico would have occurred independent of Clinton’s signature, as they are not within the auspices of a North American Free Trade Agreement.

  2. Manufacturing jobs are disappearing in America because Republicans serve the Plutocracy, the 1% and what the Plutocracy hates are high Corproate Taxes and High Wages for Workers. Mitt Romney and the Republicans make their chops by stealing worker’s pay, slashing worker benefits, closing American Factories and sending jobs to third world slave labor nations. So the 1% can make a few milliom more.

    Republicans wholly serve the Rich and hate 99% of Americans.

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