The Supreme Court has a liberal Bias!

Biased Supreme Court Graph

One of the most sinister and insidious pieces of propaganda in today’s politics is the myth that today’s Supreme Court is somehow a “conservative” court. There are many liberals who complain that the court is “too conservative,” but there are even conservatives who celebrate that the court is “conservative”: both are wrong.

Part of the problem is that people are mislead by biased and corrupted graphs like the one above. In the graph above you see measurements that seem to show that the Supreme Court is to the conservative side of the supposed “neutral” line down the middle.  At the bottom of the graph, there are even little numbers to make you believe that they show how conservative the individual justices are: Oh look! The middle justice has between +1 and +2 conservativeness, and the most conservative justice is at +4 conservativeness!  Isn’t that wonderful?


This graph misrepresents a basic truth about our court system, and that is that the courts are supposed to be conservative!  The supposed “neutral” line on the above graph is a total fiction created by liberals to make us believe that we are supposed to “compromise” on our basic values.

But the fact is, the Supreme Court was always intended to be a conservative body. Mark Levin, who sounds really smart and is therefore should be believed, has instructed us on several occasions that the role of the court is to be as conservative as possible in their interpretation of the constitution: anything else is “judicial activism.”

Therefore, in order to remove this liberal bias from the graph, it must be re-labelled  in the following manner:

Supreme Court Graph - Unbiased

In this graph we clearly see, that although there is some progress in the correct direction, the Supreme Court is still infested with a liberal bias: note that even the most conservative justice still scores between a +3 and a +4 on the “Judicial Activism” scale.

The Supreme Court will only fulfill its true and proper role under the constitution when all of the lines are at the extreme right of the graph!!  That will mean that they are free from their evil liberal activist tendencies.

Any justice that is doing anything other than the most extreme conservative thing possible, is guilty of nothing less than liberal bias!!!!

graph source: Nate Silver of the NY Times
found via: BeerBarrelPolitics Blog

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