Government spending has a liberal bias!

Liberal Government Spending

Everybody knows that liberals are constantly increasing the size of government, spending money that they don’t have, racking up insane levels of debt, and generally being irresponsible.  Conservatives, on the other hand, always spend less and are fiscally responsible.

So how is it possible that the above graph seems to give the impression that Reagan, Bush, and Bush all increased government spending more in their first terms in office than either Clinton or Obama?  In fact, somehow the line for Obama decreases below zero, suggesting that he has actually decreased government spending, which is obviously impossible because everyone knows that the entire deficit has been caused by him and his anti-American speeches.


There can be only one answer.  Once again, this is quite simply a case where the numbers themselves are lying about the truth. The truth is that conservatives spend less and liberals spend more. Any so-called “numbers” that contradict this have obviously been infected by LIBERAL BIAS!!!!

source: Bureau of Economic Analysis


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  1. If you look at government graphs over time the republicans always had spent more. Makes me wonder how they could spend more without borrowing. Maybe they had more jobs then and more people paying into a tax system

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