Ep 27: BREAKING: Michigan legalizes SHARIA LAW!

In a shocking announcement, the Michigan House of Representatives passes a bill that allows Muslims to ignore ANY federal laws that contradict the teaching of Mohammed, allowing them to put Sharia Law above United States law or even the Constitution.

In this video Zach Heltzel explains this shocking development and examines some of the terrifying possible consequences of this heinous bill.

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Video direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1oHrfRub7s

4 Replies to “Ep 27: BREAKING: Michigan legalizes SHARIA LAW!”

  1. hold on sparky, it only passed the house not the senate. and since it hasn’t passed the senate and then signed by the governor it isn’t law.

    1. This reporting must be in the fine tradition of conservative headlines like “House of Representatives REPEALS OBAMACARE!” when all they really meant was that the House of Representatives voted to repeal Obamacare…. 🙂

  2. Not to worry, though. As soon as they figure out that Muslims might benefit from this law, they will “come to their senses” and repeal it.

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