Obama forces conservatives to pay more than liberals for gasoline!

Liberal Gas Prices

Sean Hannity, who is never wrong, has been telling us for weeks that Obama wants gasoline prices to be higher because he is an eco-terrorist. This is obviously true… but there is an even deeper, more insidious plan!

Some liberals will lie to you and say that Liberals are actually paying more for gasoline because they tend to live in more expensive areas. For example, drivers in Wyoming pay $3.21 per gallon and in California they pay as much as $4.34.This would seem to be a bias that gives conservatives a break.

But no! When you look at the amount of money spent on gas as a percentage of household income, and you also take into account that conservatives drive more because they live in less densely populated areas, you can actually see that conservatives are paying more of their total income on gasoline than liberals are.

Now let me ask you this….


Or is it more likely to be a LIBERAL BIAS PLOT!?

I’m just asking the question. You decide.

source: AAA, Charlie Cook, Gallup, EIA, Rhodium Group
: Washington Post

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